Chautari Happy Hooping & Flow Arts Jam, Pokhara

(Chautari Happy Hooping & Flow Arts Jam to its friends)

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, 10:00 - , 13:00


Chautari, Pokhara, Nepal



Chautari farm & proudly presents its annual **Happy Hooping & Flow Arts Jam 2017**

..: daytime event. evening jams only :..
..: 5 days in Chautari (Pokhara), last 2 day in secret mountain location *Nepali New Year Party 13th April* :...

--What We Offer--

+ 7 Days of music, flow arts and workshops with jam sessions, live music and Dj's (electronic/techno/psytrance/rock)
+ Hoops provided by Floris Bro from, certified teacher for beginners
+ Daytime full of ART sessions, yoga and workshops (see list below)
+ Open Air Cinema and Jam Sessions in the evening
+ limited Toys like Flower Sticks/Pois/Juggling Balls provided, Bring your own toys and it will be more fun!
+ Fireplace / Gardenstage / Open Field
+ Restaurant and Bar on site with clay oven
+ 3 days and Nepali New Year Party Last Day in a beautiful natural spot with Himalaya View
+ Camping space (possibility to rent tent)
+ 7 Days Ticket Online Available Now,
if you book until 30 November 2016 for 2500,- NR (22€)
until 28 February 2017 for 3500,- NR (32€)
until 1 April 2017 for 4500,- NR (40€)
; possible FREE entry for local participants


+ Hooping for beginners and advanced hoopers by certified teacher
+ create your own Flowersticks / Staff (materials incl.)
+ Gardening (traditional Nepali style organic)
+ Juggling
+ Yoga / Meditation
+ Dreamcatcher / Creative Art
+ Fireshow / Fire-safety
+ Traditional Nepali handicraft
+ Music (Drum/Guitar/Flute/Kazo) --> bring your own!
+ Bamboo Hut building
+ Twin Hooping / "Hoop Tech"

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