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Event Dates Country
4th Limburg Winter Juggling Day 11th Jan 2004 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
freak-end ball-juggling(Morgan) + diabolo (Etienne) 11th Jan 2004 Belgium (België)‎
MadFest 16th-18th Jan 2004 USA‎
Sydney Juggling Convention 24th-26th Jan 2004 Australia‎
The Ball Ring 2004 24th Jan 2004 UK‎
1st Bradford Juggling Convention 31st Jan 2004 UK‎
12th Annual New Zealand International Juggling Festival 5th-7th Feb 2004 New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
4. Dresdner Jonglierfestivall 6th-8th Feb 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
5th Annual Damento Juggling Festival 6th-8th Feb 2004 USA‎
Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival 6th-8th Feb 2004 USA‎
MONDO JuggleFest XV 6th-8th Feb 2004 USA‎
Scottish Juggling and Face Painting Convention 6th-8th Feb 2004 UK‎
Hawaiian Juggling Festival 12th-19th Feb 2004 USA‎
Jugglefest Austin 2004 13th-15th Feb 2004 USA‎
2nd Brazilian Carnival Juggling Convention 21st-25th Feb 2004 Brazil (Brasil)‎
BU TerrierFest Juggling Convention 22nd Feb 2004 USA‎
3 juggling training (balles, quilles, bâton du diable) 23rd-27th Feb 2004 Belgium (België)‎
3. Havixbecker Convention 27th-29th Feb 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Monkey Business '04 / Juggler's World Cup 27th-29th Feb 2004 USA‎
Convention Ieper (official + meeting Circusplanet) 28th-29th Feb 2004 Belgium (België)‎
Liverpool Juggling Convention 28th Feb 2004 UK‎
2nd Danish Juggling Convention 5th-7th Mar 2004 Denmark (Danmark)‎
Bare Bones Juggling Fest 5th-7th Mar 2004 USA‎
DubCon 5 5th-7th Mar 2004 Ireland (Éire)‎
Krakel spektakel 2 5th-7th Mar 2004 Sweden (Sverige)‎
2do encuentro peruano de malabarismo 6th Mar 2004 Peru (Perú)‎
8th Belgian Unicycle Convention 6th-7th Mar 2004 Belgium (België)‎
Waterloo Juggling Festival 6th-7th Mar 2004 Canada‎
Tejas Juggling Festival 11th-14th Mar 2004 USA‎
Shef Con 2004 13th-14th Mar 2004 UK‎
8th South African Juggling and Unicycling festival 16th-22nd Mar 2004 South Africa‎
"Pistes de Lancement" Festival 18th-27th Mar 2004 Belgium (België)‎
4.Bremer Jonglierconvention 18th-21st Mar 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
2e Zaanse Jongleer Dag 21st Mar 2004 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Festival Carcajada 5ta Edicion 25th-28th Mar 2004 Argentina‎
Juggle That 1st-4th Apr 2004 USA‎
April Fool's Juggling Fest 2nd-4th Apr 2004 USA‎
Montreal Juggling Festival 2nd-4th Apr 2004 Canada‎
Second Latin American Circus Convention 3rd-11th Apr 2004 Colombia‎
Delftse Jongleerdag 2004 4th Apr 2004 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
11th Israeli Juggling Convention 6th-9th Apr 2004 Israel (ישראל)‎
Circo 8th Apr 2004 Chile‎
28th Annual Isla Vista Juggling Festival & Public Show 9th-11th Apr 2004 USA‎
8th SWEDISH JUGGLING CONVENTION 9th-12th Apr 2004 Sweden (Sverige)‎
Congress of Jugglers 9th-11th Apr 2004 USA‎
Encuentro de Malabares y Nuevo Circo IBORT 2004 9th-11th Apr 2004 Spain (España)‎
National Youth Circus Festival 12th-14th Apr 2004 UK‎
British Juggling Convention 2004 15th-18th Apr 2004 UK‎
Oz Fest 16th-18th Apr 2004 USA‎
Second Annual VEISHEA Juggling Festival 16th-18th Apr 2004 USA‎
NoFit State Circus- ImMortal Tour 21st Apr 2004 UK‎
ArtFest 23rd-24th Apr 2004 Slovakia (Slovenská republika)‎
British Unicycle Convention (BUC11) 23rd-25th Apr 2004 UK‎
Kölnvention 2004 23rd-25th Apr 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Toss-Up 2004 Juggling Festival 23rd-25th Apr 2004 USA‎
2nd Annual Quadra Island Juggling Festival 30th Apr 2004 - 2nd May 2004 Canada‎
4th Annual Humboldt Juggling and Unicycle Festival 30th Apr 2004 - 2nd May 2004 USA‎
9th Birmingham Circus Convention 1st May 2004 UK‎
Juggling and Circus Skills at Laurieston Hall 3rd-7th May 2004 UK‎
"Juggling with Finesse" Workshop mit Kit Summers 6th-7th May 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Jonglierconvention 7th-9th May 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Jonglierconvention Freiburg im Breisgau / Germany 7th-9th May 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
The 27th Annual RIT Spring Juggle-In 7th-9th May 2004 USA‎
Cascadia 2004 14th-16th May 2004 USA‎
floating.fragments 14th May 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
14th Dutch Juggling Convention 20th-23rd May 2004 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
First German-French "Hop la" Convention 21st-23rd May 2004 France‎
Convencion de malabaristas del circo atayde 27th May 2004 Mexico (México)‎
20th Nordic Juggling Convention 28th-31st May 2004 Norway (Norge)‎
Fadunito Circus convention in Spain 28th-30th May 2004 Spain (España)‎
FANTASIA-circus Juggling Convention 28th-31st May 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Berlin Convention 3rd-6th Jun 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Northwest Arkansas jugglefest 4th-6th Jun 2004 USA‎
The 5th Annual West Virginia Juggling Festival 4th-6th Jun 2004 USA‎
6th Annual LBI Unithon 5th Jun 2004 USA‎
June Jugglefest 5th Jun 2004 USA‎
15. Klagenfurter Jonglierfestival 10th-13th Jun 2004 Austria (Österreich)‎
Corbatas ou la stratégie de l'escargot 12th-16th Jun 2004 Belgium (België)‎
Flatland Juggling Festival 18th-20th Jun 2004 USA‎
Seattle International Jugglers Festival 2004 18th-20th Jun 2004 USA‎
Japan Juggling Festival 2004 19th-20th Jun 2004 Japan (日本)‎
Pêle-Mêle Catastr'OFF 19th-20th Jun 2004 Belgium (België)‎
World Juggling Day / weekend 19th-20th Jun 2004 UK‎
"Make Juggling Easier" a Three Day Workshop 24th-26th Jun 2004 Denmark (Danmark)‎
14. Karlsruher Jonglierconvention 25th-27th Jun 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
18th Swiss Juggling Convention 25th-27th Jun 2004 Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
1st Hungarian Unicycle Convention 25th-26th Jun 2004 Hungary (Magyarország)‎
The Galway Juggling Convention 25th-27th Jun 2004 Ireland (Éire)‎
urbanes jonglier festival 25th-27th Jun 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
I Festival Internacional de Artistas de Calle del Mediterraneo 2004 1st-27th Jul 2004 Spain (España)‎
Juggling Festival 04 2nd-5th Jul 2004 Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
Chocfest 3rd Jul 2004 UK‎
cirquedusoleil 11th Jul 2004 - 2nd Aug 2004 Belgium (België)‎
Festival of Fiery Arts 12th-19th Jul 2004 Austria (Österreich)‎
IJA Juggling Festival 2004 12th-17th Jul 2004 USA‎
Eurocycle 2004: The European Unicycle Convention 15th-18th Jul 2004 Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
II Convenção Carioca me Malabarismo 15th-18th Jul 2004 Brazil (Brasil)‎
GöJong 2004 16th-18th Jul 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Workshop with Rémi Laroussinie (3 days), Manu Laudé and Jay Gilligan (2 days) 20th-24th Jul 2004 France‎
27th European Juggling Convention 25th Jul 2004 - 1st Aug 2004 France‎
4th Coeur d' Alene Juggling Festival 13th-15th Aug 2004 USA‎
Crawley Circus Festival 2004 13th-15th Aug 2004 UK‎
Jonglette 14th Aug 2004 Sweden (Sverige)‎
1. slovenian juggling convention 20th-22nd Aug 2004 Slovenia (Slovenija)‎
Die Keule des Brian - Duesseldorfer Jonglierconvention 20th-22nd Aug 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
7th Italian Juggling Convention Porano 24th-29th Aug 2004 Italy (Italia)‎
Cosmos Juggling and Circus Skills at Lower Shaw Farm 27th-29th Aug 2004 UK‎
Einrad-Köste Neumünster 27th-29th Aug 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Barnard Castle Juggling Convention 28th-29th Aug 2004 UK‎
Hurricane Hugo Juggling Festival 4th-6th Sep 2004 USA‎
Syrusfeesten 4th Sep 2004 Belgium (België)‎
Jonglissimo 10th-12th Sep 2004 France‎
Juggling convention in Jönköping, southern Sweden 10th-12th Sep 2004 Sweden (Sverige)‎
Nouvelle saison de formation à l'Espace Catastrophe 11th-12th Sep 2004 Belgium (België)‎
16th Bristol Juggling and Circus Skills Convention 18th-26th Sep 2004 UK‎
II. Budapest Juggling Convention 24th-26th Sep 2004 Hungary (Magyarország)‎
Portland Juggling Festival, 13th annual 24th-26th Sep 2004 USA‎
Twinkelend Noord 25th Sep 2004 Belgium (België)‎
OZ FEST 1st-2nd Oct 2004 USA‎
Second International Venezuelan Circus Convention 6th-10th Oct 2004 Venezuela‎
Hamburg Convention 7th-10th Oct 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
1ª Convenção Paulista de Malabares 8th-10th Oct 2004 Brazil (Brasil)‎
3rd Circusplanet-meeting 9th Oct 2004 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Manchester Juggling Convention 6 9th Oct 2004 UK‎
Philly Fest 2004 9th-10th Oct 2004 USA‎
jugglers annonymous fest, fort wayne, IN 15th-17th Oct 2004 USA‎
The 8th Durham Juggling Festival 16th-17th Oct 2004 UK‎
Midland Juggling Festival 20th-23rd Oct 2004 USA‎
VII Convención Chilena de Circo y Arte Callejero 21st-24th Oct 2004 Chile‎
5-3-1 Festival of New and Experimental Juggling 22nd-24th Oct 2004 Finland (Suomi)‎
Pfälzer Jongliertreffen in Herxheim (bei Landau/Pfalz) 29th-31st Oct 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
18º jongleerconventie à tour&taxis 30th Oct 2004 - 1st Nov 2004 Belgium (België)‎
Partner Jamming with Balls by Stefan Sing and Phillip Meyhoefer 30th-31st Oct 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
5. Leipziger Jongliertreffen 5th-7th Nov 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Nomadic Juggling Festival-Orange Jugglers & CSULB Beach Balls Club 5th-7th Nov 2004 USA‎
Post Halloween Juggle Fest 5th-7th Nov 2004 USA‎
Quad Cities Jugglefest 5th-7th Nov 2004 USA‎
Ball juggling and Rhythm with Alan Blim 6th-7th Nov 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
SIRCUS 6th-7th Nov 2004 USA‎
Youngblood04 - Denis Paumier 6th Nov 2004 UK‎
6th Brazilian Juggling Convention 11th-15th Nov 2004 Brazil (Brasil)‎
3rd Annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival 12th-14th Nov 2004 USA‎
8th Annual Big Red JuggleFest 12th-14th Nov 2004 USA‎
Tralee Juggling Convention 12th-14th Nov 2004 Ireland (Éire)‎
7th London Juggling Convention 13th-14th Nov 2004 UK‎
Creative Technique with Clubs from Maksim Komaro 18th-19th Nov 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Juggle Till You Drop 20th Nov 2004 UK‎
Movement and Club Juggling with Ben Smalls 27th-28th Nov 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
12. Erlanger Winter Jonglier Convention 3rd-5th Dec 2004 Germany (Deutschland)‎
3er Encuentro de Malabaristas y Artistas de Circo de Bilbao 3rd-8th Dec 2004 Spain (España)‎
Wales Circus Convention 2004 12th Dec 2004 UK‎
World Juggling Federation Convention and Championships 16th-21st Dec 2004 USA‎
Juggling Festival 30th Dec 2004 - 1st Jan 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎

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