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Event Dates Country
Pass-Out 2 2nd-9th Jan 2005 Spain (España)‎
III Encontro Carnavalesco de Malabaristas (3rd Carnival Juggling Meeting) 4th-9th Jan 2005 Brazil (Brasil)‎
3. Danish Juggling Convention 7th-9th Jan 2005 Denmark (Danmark)‎
47th Annual MadFest Juggling Festival 14th-16th Jan 2005 USA‎
Trial Days -Opening 15th-16th Jan 2005 Belgium (België)‎
Espace Catastrophe 2nd session courses 17th Jan 2005 - 12th Feb 2005 Belgium (België)‎
Sydney Juggling Convention 21st-23rd Jan 2005 Australia‎
Chocfest X - the big birthday bash 22nd Jan 2005 UK‎
Bradford Circus Arts Convention 29th Jan 2005 UK‎
Damento Juggling Festival 4th-6th Feb 2005 USA‎
Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival 4th-6th Feb 2005 USA‎
The Scottish Juggling and Face Painting Convention 4th-6th Feb 2005 UK‎
5. Dresdner Jonglierconvention 11th-13th Feb 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Jugglefest Austin 2005 11th-13th Feb 2005 USA‎
Alan Blim- Building A Clean Technique with Balls 12th-13th Feb 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Ieper National Convention 12th-13th Feb 2005 Belgium (België)‎
South West Unicycle meet 12th Feb 2005 UK‎
Thomas Dietz- Numbers Juggling 12th-13th Feb 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
MONDO XVI Jugglefest 18th-20th Feb 2005 USA‎
Tasmanian Circus Festival 18th-27th Feb 2005 Australia‎
Ball Ring 2005 19th Feb 2005 UK‎
Stefan Sing- Organic Juggling with balls 19th-20th Feb 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Dutch Juggling Championships and Convention 26th-27th Feb 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Kelvin Kalvus- Contact Juggling 26th-27th Feb 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Manipulation Classes (Vancouver, Canada) 3rd-29th Mar 2005 Canada‎
4. Havixbeck Convention 4th-6th Mar 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Dublin Juggling Convention 4th-6th Mar 2005 Ireland (Éire)‎
Illini Juggling and Unicycle Club Juggling and Unicycle Festival 2005 4th-6th Mar 2005 USA‎
Nott a Juggling Convention 5th Mar 2005 UK‎
PISTES DE LANCEMENT 10th-25th Mar 2005 Belgium (België)‎
Tejas Juggling Fest 11th-13th Mar 2005 USA‎
Victoria Juggling Festival !! 11th-13th Mar 2005 Canada‎
9th South African Juggling convention 15th-21st Mar 2005 South Africa‎
13th New Zealand Juggling Festival 17th-20th Mar 2005 New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
3rd Annual Latin American Circus Festival 19th-26th Mar 2005 Colombia‎
Shefcon '05 19th-20th Mar 2005 UK‎
UW Juggling Festival 19th-20th Mar 2005 Canada‎
3th Zaanse Jongleer Dag 20th Mar 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
convention brestoise 24th-26th Mar 2005 France‎
Oster-Treffen aller Gauklerinnen und Gaukler 24th-29th Mar 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
21st Nordic Juggling Convention 25th-28th Mar 2005 Sweden (Sverige)‎
Isla Vista Juggling Festival 25th-27th Mar 2005 USA‎
British Juggling Convention 2005 31st Mar 2005 - 3rd Apr 2005 UK‎
Juggle These 31st Mar 2005 - 3rd Apr 2005 USA‎
April Fools Juggling Festival and South East Yo-Yo Contest 1st-3rd Apr 2005 USA‎
Montreal Juggling Festival 1st-3rd Apr 2005 Canada‎
Northwest Arkansas Jugglefest 1st-3rd Apr 2005 USA‎
2e internationaal jongleerfestival Enschede 9th-10th Apr 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Delftse Jongleerdag 2004 10th Apr 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
10th Annual Yo-Yo Convention & Celebration 16th Apr 2005 - 2nd May 2005 USA‎
Denis Paumier 2 day London Masteclass 18th-19th Apr 2005 UK‎
2005 Congress of Jugglers 22nd-24th Apr 2005 USA‎
British Unicycle Convention 22nd-25th Apr 2005 UK‎
Primera Convención Peruana de Malabaristas 23rd-24th Apr 2005 Peru (Perú)‎
Israeli Juggling Convention 25th-29th Apr 2005 Israel (ישראל)‎
3rd Annual Quadra Island Juggling Festival 29th Apr 2005 - 1st May 2005 Canada‎
6 Day Holiday for Fire and UV Enthusiasts 30th Apr 2005 - 6th May 2005 UK‎
V Alcuentru de malabarsitas de Asturias Xixon 2005 (gijon) 30th Apr 2005 - 2nd May 2005 Spain (España)‎
Boudu la Jongle 4th-7th May 2005 France‎
15th Dutch juggling convention 5th-8th May 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
28th RIT Spring Juggle-In 6th-8th May 2005 USA‎
10th Birmingham Circus Convention 7th May 2005 UK‎
2nd French-German juggling convention 13th-15th May 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival 13th-14th May 2005 USA‎
Bellingham Juggling Festival 13th-15th May 2005 USA‎
ZELTFIEBER 10 - 10. Ostsee-Jonglier-Convention 13th-16th May 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Berlin Convention 2005 19th-22nd May 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
"Toss-Up 2005" Juggling Festival 20th-22nd May 2005 USA‎
5th Annual Humboldt Juggling Festival 20th-22nd May 2005 USA‎
Bungay Balls Up 25th-30th May 2005 UK‎
Austrian juggling festival 26th-29th May 2005 Austria (Österreich)‎
Middleeuropean Circus Theatre Mittings 27th-29th May 2005 Poland (Polska)‎
Jongleer Fest(ival) 28th May 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Jubil'à Jongle 28th-30th May 2005 France‎
V Alcuentro de Malabarista 30th May 2005 - 1st Jun 2005 Spain (España)‎
6th Annual West Virginia Juggling Festival 3rd-5th Jun 2005 USA‎
Jonglierconvention Freiburg im Breisgau 2005 3rd-5th Jun 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
4. FANTANASIA Clowns-Convention 10th-13th Jun 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Boulder Juggling Festival 10th-12th Jun 2005 USA‎
The Galway Juggling Convention 10th-12th Jun 2005 Ireland (Éire)‎
7th Annual LBI Unithon 11th Jun 2005 USA‎
Swamp Circus Fundango Festival 11th Jun 2005 UK‎
South Street Seaport Street Festival and Fundraiser 15th-18th Jun 2005 USA‎
Seattle Juggling Festival 16th-18th Jun 2005 USA‎
9 encontro de malabarismo 17th-19th Jun 2005 Portugal‎
Encuentro de Granada 17th-19th Jun 2005 Spain (España)‎
Schweizerisches Jonglierfestival/Swiss Juggling Convention 17th-19th Jun 2005 Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
World Juggling Day 17th-19th Jun 2005 UK‎
MALABRS ALPARC 18th Jun 2005 Spain (España)‎
World Juggling Day 18th Jun 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
World Juggling Day Canberra 18th-19th Jun 2005 Australia‎
World Juggling Day! 18th Jun 2005 USA‎
Italian Juggling Convention 21st-26th Jun 2005 Italy (Italia)‎
2005 Flatland Juggling Festival (Lincoln) 24th-26th Jun 2005 USA‎
1st University of Salford Juggling Convention 25th Jun 2005 UK‎
Unimalabar 2005 1st-3rd Jul 2005 Spain (España)‎
Convention of Fiery Arts 7th-10th Jul 2005 Austria (Österreich)‎
Festival zonglovani (juggling festival) 7th-9th Jul 2005 Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
1st Ellesmere Port Circus Convention 16th Jul 2005 UK‎
Jonglette 16th Jul 2005 Sweden (Sverige)‎
Leeds Jewish Theatre Festival 17th-21st Jul 2005 UK‎
IJA Juggling Festival 18th-24th Jul 2005 USA‎
European Muni and Trial Convention 22nd Jul 2005 Denmark (Danmark)‎
7éme Convention régionale de Carvin 29th-31st Jul 2005 France‎
Japan Juggling Festival 2005 (JJF2005) 12th-14th Aug 2005 Japan (日本)‎
Crawley Circus Festival 2005 13th-14th Aug 2005 UK‎
28th European Juggling Convention 2005 14th-20th Aug 2005 Slovenia (Slovenija)‎
Coeur d'Alene Juggling and Unicycle Festival 19th-22nd Aug 2005 USA‎
PLAY 19th-21st Aug 2005 UK‎
3 Day Holiday for Fire and UV Enthusiasts 26th-28th Aug 2005 UK‎
Juggling Festival 26th-28th Aug 2005 Austria (Österreich)‎
vestkystfestivalen 26th-27th Aug 2005 Norway (Norge)‎
Belgique Les Méga journées du cirque et de la magie 27th-28th Aug 2005 Belgium (België)‎
Encuentro de Malabaristas de Córdoba 1st-4th Sep 2005 Spain (España)‎
Hurricane Hugo Juggling Festival 2nd-4th Sep 2005 USA‎
Jongleringskonvent 2nd-4th Sep 2005 Sweden (Sverige)‎
1st Scarborough Unicycle and Juggling Convention 3rd Sep 2005 UK‎
Juggling Festival 9th-11th Sep 2005 Greece (Ελλάδα)‎
Pyramidal-Convention 9th-11th Sep 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
4* Festival Internazionale del Teatro di Strada di Torino 10th-18th Sep 2005 Italy (Italia)‎
Convention Lüneburg 16th-18th Sep 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
tübingen convention 16th-18th Sep 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Bristol Juggling and Circus Convention 17th-25th Sep 2005 UK‎
14th Portland Juggling Festival 23rd-25th Sep 2005 USA‎
Encuentro de Alcalá de Henares 23rd-25th Sep 2005 Spain (España)‎
Circusplanet Meeting Goes 24th Sep 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Tilburgse jongleerdag 25th Sep 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Juggle in OZ II 30th Sep 2005 - 1st Oct 2005 USA‎
Jugglers Anonymous 30th Sep 2005 - 2nd Oct 2005 USA‎
aberdeen street entertainers mini juggling convention 1st Oct 2005 UK‎
Clonakilty Juggling Convention 1st-2nd Oct 2005 Ireland (Éire)‎
First annual Berkeley Juggling Festival 7th-9th Oct 2005 USA‎
Manchester Juggling Convention 7 8th Oct 2005 UK‎
Philadelphia Juggling Festival 2005 8th-9th Oct 2005 USA‎
Mini-One Day Convention 9th Oct 2005 UK‎
Tercer Encuentro de Malabares, Circo y Espectaculos Callejeros 10th-13th Oct 2005 Argentina‎
Cirque Trottola 14th Oct 2005 - 3rd Nov 2005 Belgium (België)‎
The 9th Durham Juggling Festival 15th-16th Oct 2005 UK‎
5-3-1 Festival of New Juggling in Helsinki 21st-23rd Oct 2005 Finland (Suomi)‎
C'est pas bientôt fini ce cirque ?! 21st Oct 2005 Belgium (België)‎
Midland Juggling Festival 10th Annual 21st-22nd Oct 2005 USA‎
Midwest Jugglefest 21st-22nd Oct 2005 USA‎
8th London Juggling Convention 22nd-23rd Oct 2005 UK‎
Herfst Jongleer Dag 23rd Oct 2005 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
5. P(f)älzer Jongliertreffe(n) 28th-30th Oct 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
5th Tralee Juggling Convention 4th-6th Nov 2005 Ireland (Éire)‎
The Last Ever 2nd Annual Quad Cities Jugglefest 4th-6th Nov 2005 USA‎
SIRCUS 5th-6th Nov 2005 USA‎
4th Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival 11th-13th Nov 2005 USA‎
7a.Convencao Brasileira de Malabarismos e Circo 11th-15th Nov 2005 Brazil (Brasil)‎
9th Annual Big Red JuggleFest 11th-13th Nov 2005 USA‎
The Nomadic Juggling Festival 11th-13th Nov 2005 USA‎
Leeds juggling festival 19th Nov 2005 UK‎
Convención Chilena de Circo y Arte Callejero 24th-27th Nov 2005 Chile‎
4. Nürnberger Jonglier-Advention 25th-27th Nov 2005 Germany (Deutschland)‎
I Encuentro de Malabaristas Zaragoza 2005 25th-27th Nov 2005 Spain (España)‎
24 Megacharityjugglathon! 26th Nov 2005 UK‎
4° encuentro de malabaristas y artistas de circo 3rd-10th Dec 2005 Spain (España)‎
varekai 6th Dec 2005 USA‎
first mexican circus convention 7th-11th Dec 2005 Mexico (México)‎
the Love Show 10th Dec 2005 USA‎
WJF 2005 15th-19th Dec 2005 USA‎
The Love Show 28th-29th Dec 2005 USA‎
The Love Show 31st Dec 2005 USA‎

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