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It's Him -

Today Milton Keynes Juggling Club sometimes known as Jugglers Anonymous and/or the juggley love club is 25 years old!

Which means I've spent half my life going to this club.

I'm curious to know how many clubs out there are older? I know there will be a few in the UK but elsewhere?


Maria - - Parent

"My" club is younger, but it's 20 years this year. (Fritidsjonglörerna, Stockholm.) Maybe I should try to find out the date so we can celebrate. :)

Mike Moore - - Parent

The 25th annual Waterloo Festival happened earlier this year, so I think it's safe to say it's older. No idea how much older, though.

The Void - - Parent

Congratulations on both feats!
#Altern8 in Bristol is older by a few years.

glomph - - Parent

Flying Teapot's the Uni of Sheffield circus society celebrated 30 years this year!

York Jugglers - - Parent


York Jugglers is also 25 years old this year (October to be more precise) but we don't have any members who have been going for all 25 years.

charlieh - - Parent

I first went to Cambridge Community Circus (then named Patchwork Circus) in 1992 so it's at least 25 years old, and rumor has it that there was a juggling club run by some of the same people in the late 80s.

Orinoco - - Parent

Turns out TWJC will be 25 later this month!

The top 10 oldest active UK clubs with a known established date in the Edge database:

Nottingham Juggling Club (1980)
Flying Teapots (1985)
Hullabaloo (1988)
Altern8 (1989)
Glasgow Juggling Club (1990)
Imperial College Juggling Society (1990)
Camcircus, Milton Keynes, Tunbridge Wells, York Jugglers (1992)

Interesting because the BJC is 30 years old. I expected there to be more than 4 clubs (Balls up in Portsmouth was established in 1987 but is alas no more) to be active at the time to provide an audience to make a national event viable. I'm sure there were clubs that predate internet records. Or is it that annual juggling events produce local juggling clubs rather than the other way around?

The oldest club we have on record is Santelli, NL which has allegedly been going since 1962.

Bosco - - Parent

Hastings Juggling Club started in 1990. Russell Watson was the original motivator. Still going but monthly. It's been responsible for much - marriages, break ups, new careers, making people happy, an escape from the world we live in and more, just like the other juggling clubs around the world I'm sure.

Where would we be without a juggling club?

Orinoco - - Parent

I hope HCC wasn't responsible for the break ups! Although come to think of it I did leave someone partly because she thought what my juggling friends & I did was 'silly'.

Yves Bolognini -

Hello all,

Let's start by saying I found out about The Juggling Edge by googling "7 balls after 40".

I used to juggle pretty regularly when I was 20-25. I had then a nice-but-not-perfect 5-ball cascade. Then I stopped training (other hobbies, family, you know what I mean). Last September, as I needed some exercise I started taking circus class. At the same time I started training again. At first I wanted to juggle 15 min a day, then I got addicted and now it's more than an hour a day.

I'm 43. My "real" job is project manager in an IT company here in Lausanne, Switzerland. And my big other hobby is the history of computing. I've been collecting old computers since 1995 and I founded the Bolo Museum ( in 2002.

Now my 5-ball cascade is pretty solid, learning plenty of tricks with 3 and 4, started training 3-in-a-hand for 6 and dreaming of 7. Last week I had my first juggling class with a professional. Oh and since February I've been doing some fitness and I've lost 20 kg (44 pounds).

All of this must be some kind of mid life crisis. A positive one.

Happy to join The Juggling Edge.

Yves Bolognini - - Parent

Oops, I forgot:

Sorry in French only.

The Void - - Parent

Hi Yves,
Welcome to the Edge. Well done on your fitness work, and good luck with your 7 ball quest.

Yves Bolognini - - Parent

Thanks! I must say that with my 5 balls I feel a bit like a beginner around here :)

Orinoco - - Parent

Welcome to the Edge Yves!

7 balls after 40 does seem to be a popular challenge, perhaps the jugglers' version of, "I'm going to run a marathon".

Jam -

BJC 2018 Canterbury site is now live!
Head on over to to check it out. The Shop is also live, so you're able to purchase your Early Bird tickets to save a little money, and to help support the team to organise what will hopefully be yet another amazing week :-)

Website will be updated a lot more with info over the coming months.

Any problems / bugs / suggestions, please let me know :-)

Orinoco - - Parent

Ticket bought!


Topper - - Parent

Just got mine.

Mats1 -

Juggling hats advice

Does anyone know what hats can be bought in the UK that are suitable for juggling? I mean the run around style similar to Octavio Alegria in Varekai?

emead -

Over 40 years old, juggling 7 balls/beanbags...

Looking to gather together 40 somethings working on 7 balls/beanbags... would love to share some stories/thoughts/ideas. :)

DavidCain - - Parent

I'll turn 48 next month and I can still juggle 7 balls, although I'll confess that about a year ago I stopped working on it daily. I can still do it when I try, but it's not as consistent as it was. I've never been great at 7, with my personal best being only 70 catches. I have qualified 8 balls and flashed 9, but I'm not really much of a ball juggler. I can still flash 7 clubs, which I think is pretty decent for an old fat guy with health issues. So, that's where I'm at. I'm still learning new stuff all the time, but it's just not stuff where I'm trying to keep up with the 16 year olds.
David Cain

7b_wizard - - Parent

Doesn't match: >50yo, going for 9b.

No, serious, ..

Hi emead, matches for me (serious for 7b at about 36yo, now daily practise).

Joerg - - Parent

Hi emead,
I am 46 and can qualify 7 balls (pb=20-30 catches). I have (re-)started juggling 4 years ago, learning 4 ball tricks and siteswaps. After about half a year I have learned the 5 ball cascade. I mainly juggle self-made Russian balls. Progress with 7b is very slow compared with all other tricks. Now, I focus more on body throws, box variations, and passing (clubs).

Yves Bolognini - - Parent

43, will start working on 7 balls pretty soon. Solid 5, taking juggling class since last week. We all need challenges, right?

emead - - Parent

Wow! Good to hear there's more than a few of us. :)

I know one thing that has surprised me is that I never seem to get that "one day" where I best 30 catches and then the next day it's 40 and the next 70, etc. That happened for 5-balls, but 7-balls just seems to be one and a tenth step forward, one step back......

EricS - - Parent

49, solid 5, occasional qualify of 6, 7 still eludes me. Mostly I juggle homemead Russians (90g)

Orinoco - - Parent

Hi emead, welcome aboard. I'm (counts on fingers) 38 so not far off age wise. I'm regularly at around 20-30 catches, 7 balls is definitely a skill I'd like to keep into my 40s & beyond.

Maria - - Parent

I'm 37 and haven't learned to juggle 5 balls yet... I will, though. Counting on having many years left to improve my juggling.

emead - - Parent

Awesome! Keep at it. It definitely takes more time than you expect (based on your history), but keep at it! Post your progress! Helps to have a sympathetic ear. ;)

emead -

Hello! New to the forum. Interested to find people over 40 trying to learn 7 ball (bean bag) juggling. Been working on it a long time now... :)

The Void - - Parent

Hi emead,
Welcome to The Edge. I'm afraid I gave up on 7 balls many years ago, but good luck!

Marvin -

The Green Eggs Report for August 2017 is now available. Last month 23 people made 66 posts containing 22 links. See past reports.

Mike Moore -

Some great juggling animations being posted on Twitter. Here's one:

— いり (@chintara10) August 28, 2017

The Void - - Parent

Non-juggly, but if you like pretty mathsy patterns, then @beesandbombs is worth a follow.
This one reminds me of Q*Bert:
— Dave

Mike Moore -

Guelph Juggling Fest 2017 HLGCBS

Free stuff and used/cheap props tables being well-used. 2/3 of my stuff sold!
Getting my hands on Nouveaux Nouveaux Remix. Thanks Jorden/Mark Moir!
Post-fest debrief with Emily, Mike, Nikki. Time well spent, 100 %

Not participating in any workshops other than my own (feeling like I always had to be available)
Not being very prepared for my act or my emceeing causing some stress on Saturday

Have the escape room run smoothly - 0.5 check. There were big screw ups at the beginning: I didn't take their cell phones (even though I told them I would), I didn't give a plot preamble (that I wasn't aware of at the time), and the second stage of the challenge wasn't locked (gah). It was an absurd amount of work to design, make, and test things, and I think it could've gone way better. Not sure when I'll be able to implement changes I'd like to make because I don't know when my next team-designed escape room will be.
Have the show run reasonably well: CHECK CHECK! The performers were good, I think the show order was optimal, diveristy was reasonable.
Don't do a horrible job emceeing my first juggling fest - check! A couple unexpected surprises (like being somewhat forced into picking a kid for a particular bit when I was looking for an adult) but nothing crazy. I think it went well (I'll have to review the recording)
Don't do a horrible job for my juggling performance - check! Managed to establish a tone that minimized the impact of drops, hit the music cues and important tricks that I wanted, and felt like it went well.
Keep workshops and games approximately on time (and have decent workshops) - check!
Be the fest director, escape room co-creator/games master, workshop director, show director, emcee, and a performer and still be healthy on Monday - somehow, check!
Don't lose (lots of?) money - check! Made about $120ish. Hopeing to improve upon this next year to make a sufficient cushion so that future fest directors don't have to front any money.

Emily, for co-designing the escape room with me. Having two people on this made it immensely more time-consuming, frustrating, and amazing. She also helped tons with lots of other fest stuff.
Nikki McMulkin, Jeremy Foxcroft, Gavin Hossack, Mike Coady - for helping organize things before the fest started
Housers: Nikki Emily Gavin Jeremy Mike
Drivers/gofers (of Emily and I): Brandon Walters, Mike , Nikki , Nathan Wakefield
All the people who lent hands when I made announcements asking for them

Feeling sick on Friday and the first part of Saturday. Glad I got over that relatively quickly.
General stresses of running a "real" fest for the first time, coupled with being the head/co-organizer of so many parts of it. This happened because I traveled loads in the months leading up to the fest (not getting much organizing done). Then, upon returning for good, I got caught up in escape room design, preventing me from delegating other aspects of the fest properly. Live and learn!

Terry Donahue coming and bringing the World Record Challenge with him (not a surprise at the fest, but a couple days before the fest). I love that event!
Jonah, who I didn't really know before, coming out with some strong box patterns. Dude's legit!
A particular density-based puzzle not working for the escape room in the weirdest way. Caught it during setup, though.
So many people not understanding so many references that were in the escape room. I sometimes forget not everyone's been juggling (and been interested in juggling culture) for the last five or so years.
The workshop schedule coming together so nicely. I wish I could've set that up more in advance, but I was running out of time/organizational energy.

Mike Moore - - Parent

If anyone finds this thread in the future and is concerned that the fest was mostly populated by crickets, I urge them to visit the corresponding reddit thread:

John R -

"Life on the London Stage", a free exhibition at the London Metropolitan Archives, is running until December. Looks very interesting, should be some circus and variety content, and did I mention free?

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