Maria's practice log for 17th May 2017

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17th May 2017


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 60 minutes

Warm up

4 clubs:
Fountain, doubles
534534 and back to fountain

Siteswap 5 as doubles:
55500 with hand clap
...not very good today.

# 5 clubs, 15 minutes

Trying to do a flash. Many really bad attempts, a few OK ones, one that felt close (caught 3, touched number 4, caught number 5.) Considered making a couple of more attempts, but was tired of failing and had already done the "just a few more attempts" for five minutes so I stopped after the good one.

# 3 clubs, 15 minutes

Head roll (once and back to cascade)
531 with the 3 as a head roll, once and back to cascade. First time I tried this, but it didn't take too many attempts to get one. After that I think I got almost half of the attempts.

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: Kvisthamraskolan (Cirkus Mani)

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