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3rd January 2018


# 5 ball tricks, #reflecting, #technique, #endupatt, #chartread, #improvement, 195 minutes

[ daily7b II: 0 ]

120' + 75' - 5b rev casc - 87 (30'), 91, 105, 104, 82, 114, 101, 97, 112, .. , So, what or which is the "weakest element" of my 5b reverse cascade? - Dunno, ... in good phases with good patterns it seems, the issue in a given moment is simply relaxing and settling in that pattern versus losing the pattern there, maybe a casual slip, ... when i don't get it in bad phases, several issues might be that "weakest, worst element": maybe a slightly too bad height per beat ratio, maybe too little scoop to the outside a bad width, a too narrow pattern, gotta find out if can unless that "weakest element" is maybe dynamic and changes from time to time and pattern to pattern and is difficult to nail. If there is any such weakest elemment in my 5b revs, I'd expect it to be there both, in good and bad phases. Maybe it's simply my weaker hand doing wrong in any case. .. 91, //10' break//, 107, 93, 84, 95, 103, 93, 119, 93, 88 cl, 87 throws runs longer than 80 throws. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 119 ]
It's going half well, though, - #chartread 5b rev casc - I've increased my average, just haven't gotten the very long runs (~150+ throws) like in spring, nothing way above that daily over 100 throws since over three weeks now.

Total practice time: 195 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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24th April 2017


# 7 balls, 3 heavy balls, 5 ball tricks, 5 heavy balls, #improvement, #structuredPractise, #otu, 200 minutes

3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 30 min.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - 7 min.
5b 56752 - 28 min. Doing around emphasized 6-es mainly. Pretty good yield again: A 7th, two 8th and a 9th sides clean, apart from also several 6th to 8th sides into drop(s). #improvement #structuredPractise - also without breaking any PR, I see improvement just as much in needing less time, shorter stints, to find into pattern and upto average runs and average daily best runs. (used to need an hour, 1½ formerly) #otu - Also tried on 4b-156 again just a bit to check what goes, failing -> adjourned `` 'til cow comes home ´´ (would need longer extra stints).
7b casc - 135 min. 45, 49, 53, 57 (cl?), 51 throws longest runs. [ daily7b II: 57 ]

Total practice time: 200 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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