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30th May 2017


# 7 balls, 5 ball tricks, 3 heavy balls, 5 balls, 1 club, 3 balls, #experimental, #psychologic, #mentec, #focus, #nature, #reflecting, 265 minutes

3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 17 min.   Mostly fast and fastest ( doing  rev--rev--normal--a.s.o. ).

[ rain made me change spot from rivershore meadow to plated area here ]

5b casc varied, s'swaps - 10 min.   Tried first time ever 744 and got 4 throws.

1c flourishes - ~5-10 min.   During 20' second of three rainbreaks, under small sheltered part of a hut there, did some flourishes with a birchstaff that I found there: normal flourishes seem to ``stop´´, swaying in the wrong direction before rethrowing them normally (or I'm doing them wrong), so they should maybe better flow into a shoulderthrow. Stopped that and did  bottleneck catch + over pinky's palm backhandwards rolls + into bottleneck throw ("backhandrolls"?),  which went well.

#nature - When watching the rain, waiting, I noticed sudden little steam jets that seemed to come out of the soil .. I imagined an insect or small animal originating these in some way I never heard of before, or maybe some rare chemical phenomenon (lithium?? sulfur??). .. It was cherry-pip-like little beige mushrooms it turned out, puffballs (that I know only much bigger, squash- or golfball size), i guess.

5b 56752 - 30 min.   ( Gave up 9b flashing after a couple 'a minutes - moist dirt kept sticking to the dropped balls. )   Upto a 9 sides run to collapse. 6th and 7th sides clean or full caught.

[ rainbreak, under shelter: ]   3b cascade endure. fastest. - 10 min.   Wanted no drops there (dirty + lotsa hidden corners there), did cascade pure, with focus on reflecting what attention and focus lie on, on what distracts, on where eyes and mind wander, on how it gets boring versus wanting to keep on doing: first, found, that I was losing stable shape and needed focus to keep the pattern in shape; then after a while of slaving to stable pattern rather dully, found, that I fancied to do some reverse throw for a change (but may not); my eyes could wander np as long as pattern was in peripheral view; did some "juggling lower" [according to Mike Moore's hint ] which feels queer to me and I wouldn't try that with another pattern - worked okay so far, dunno about any gain; still later - pattern still rolling on - asked myself if it wouldn't make more sense to do some 3b blind instead (but I may not) .. in a given moment, my hands corrected a flawly throw using a reverse throw and the ``experiment´´ was finished - pattern was still rolling, though - and I did a few attempts on closing eyes amidst the juggling (usually do full blind start for "blind"), which was where I got my drop. [ #exp #psych (?) #mentec (?) #focus #reflecting ]   Did a bit fastest then too.

more 5b 56752 - 40 min.

7b casc - 150 min.   43, 49, 43, 51, 46, 43 throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 51 ]

A bit chaotic of a session, but glad, I didn't lose too much time (like last two days) and got some good juggling done.

Total practice time: 265 minutes

Location: concrete area among fields

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