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13th September 2017


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, ball passing, 30 minutes

Lunch time juggling with L (on a Wednesday instead of Thursday this time, because it's supposed to rain tomorrow)

Warm up

4c fountain
534534 and back to fountain did not work today. Might be able to blame the wind for some of the failed attempts, but not for all of them.
Kick-up from 3c Cascade to 4c fountain, only got it once.

Ball passing, 5b 1-count, we got over 60 catches (30 each) once.

My juggling was not very good today, but L did 12 catches of 3b cascade. :) I don't think she has even tried to do more than 4 before.

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Gångvägen vid jobbet

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7th September 2017


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, ball passing, 40 minutes

Lunch break juggling

Warm up

4c fountain
534534 and back to fountain


Some other 3c juggling while talking...

Ball passing (with L):
5b 1-count, got at least 40 passes (20 each). We could also juggle while talking about other stuff today, so there were some rounds where I didn't count the passes.

Also did a few pass-throws with 1 club.

Total practice time: 40 minutes

Location: Gångvägen vid jobbet

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1st September 2017


# 3 balls, ball passing, teaching, 25 minutes

Lunch break juggling with L

Warm up, me juggling 3 balls, L practicing with 2.

5 ball 1-count, me teaching L, I did crossing passes, L straight. We got over 20 passes (10 each) at least twice.

Total practice time: 25 minutes

Location: Gångvägen vid jobbet

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15th March 2017


# ball passing, 5 minutes

Tried to teach a mum (who was there to pick up her daughter) some basic ball passing. We got a few catches of 5b 1-count, then tried 6b 4-count. Her 3b cascade is not solid but I think she just need to get the pattern into her head for us to get a few passes.

Total practice time: 5 minutes

Location: Kvisthamraskolan (Cirkus Mani)

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8th December 2016


# ball passing, 10 minutes

(With new guy, forgot his name...)
Worked OK

Total practice time: 10 minutes

Location: Eiraskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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6th August 2016


# ball passing, 45 minutes

Workshop, were supposed to learn 3 2p1 1p2, but it was difficult. Took time even to get the practice pattern 2p1 1p2 0 working OK, though that should be really super easy if you just get it into your head.

Total practice time: 45 minutes

Location: Almere (EJC)

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18th June 2016


# ball passing, Volley club, 30 minutes

Ball passing, 4-count, with A

Volley Club

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Märsta (Sthlm Juggling Weekend)

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22nd May 2016


# 3 balls, 3 clubs, 4 balls, 4 clubs, ball passing, teaching, mixed objects, 55 minutes

Together with Stockholm Flow

A bit windy, but could do a little bit of 4c fountain every now and then.

Teaching a beginner how 3b cascade is juggled.

Ball passing with L. 6 balls 4-count. Her passes were much better than last time, maybe mine were too.

Mixed objects was difficult because of the wind.

3b shower, right handed is starting to feel OK, left handed is still difficult.
A little 52512

Total practice time: 55 minutes

Location: Rålambshovsparken

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