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Andrew Russell -

Hey, Orinoco says I should introduce myself and I tend not to disobey wombles. I attend the Circus Mash club with Tom Derrick (although this term you wouldn't know it because work's kept me pretty busy. I also wander across to Nuneaton and circus there most weeks. I'm hoping to go to the Milton Keynes in a few weeks and am currently trying to fix my unicycle.

Orinoco - - Parent

I tend not to disobey wombles

Good man! Welcome to the Edge, please make yourself at home.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Hi Andrew,

What's the Nuneaton club like? I've toyed with going over there for years but never made it. Is it still on Friday nights? Is John Parnell still the main man there?

Colin E. -

I've just stumbled on some juggling on the One Show where they were exploring the physical limits of juggling, with their crude measurements of juggling by someone called 'Josh', reaching the conclusions that 15 is the limit.

Very odd.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

More odd that you can't namecheck Josh Turner, or Alex Barron for that matter. And they also wheeled Colin E. Wright out of the Superannuated Jugglers' Retirement Castle for yet another free lunch.

But yeah, a very odd segment to have on a light entertainment show so light that they have to peg it down to stop it blowing away.

Colin E. - - Parent

I only caught the last 30secs. I'd assumed they had name-checked Alex Barron at some point earlier in the segment. I don't think I saw the bit with Colin Wright on either.

Mïark - - Parent

You can see the clip at

The Void - - Parent

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Thanks, couldn't watch this on BBC!

DavidCain -

I'm looking for two Beard Beach juggling clubs for the Museum of Juggling History. If anyone has one or two they could donate, please let me know. I'm also looking for a Henry's Sparkler club and a Freaks Unlimited Jester Club (club / beanbag hybrid). Thanks.
David Cain

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Still looking for Freak's Jesters? Blimey, you've been after those for years haven't you? I really ought to get the old flight case out of the garage, that contains all the University's old juggling stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a musty Beach or two lurking in there.

DavidCain - - Parent

Yes, I'm still looking for the Jester club. Only 100 were ever made. I need a beach or two because that was the first retail multi-piece club with a one piece flex handle. I would appreciate it if you took a look. Thanks.

charlieh - - Parent

The Beach clubs were definitely multi-piece....I once passed one to someone and it arrived in multiple pieces. For some reason quite a few people bought them as their first clubs, and they'd quickly discover the benefits of a soft handle were not enough to make up for their general rubbishness, so moved onto hard handled clubs such as Spotlight Europeans. These were a lot heavier than modern clubs and I still have mine somewhere as they're useful for windy days!

Orinoco - - Parent

Are you sure you want some Beard beach clubs? Would be a shame to devalue your collection.

I'm pretty certain all the ones we had at TWJC left us when we sold off most of our kit a few years ago but will double check.

KStruthers - - Parent

I think I still have three of those from when I first bought clubs and thought they were a good idea a few years ago. I'll have a look and if I do you are welcome to them.

DavidCain - - Parent


Stephen Meschke -

Time to rest after wisdom tooth extraction.

I have just had four wisdom teeth extracted. How long should I wait before juggling?

Little Paul - - Parent

2weeks 3days and 4hours

Not a second more

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

That's oddly specific and absolutely infuriating. There's no way I'm going to wait that long!

The Void - - Parent

No, I'm sure he's right. You wouldn't want to ignore the advice of some guy on the internet on a matter as important as this, would you?

peterbone - - Parent

After my wisdom tooth extraction I went juggling to relax. I assume you only had local anesthetic?

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

I had local anesthetic before surgery, and now I am taking Ibuprofen.

I have a lot of energy and desire to juggle, but due to swelling I can't look up.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Time to become a godmaster of bounce juggling methinks.

Mike Moore - - Parent

This is so outside of my imagination...after my wisdom teeth extraction I bled for about half a week and was catatonic for days. It took me about a week to be able to even want to juggle.

lukeburrage - - Parent

I had two wisdom teeth removed two days before flying out to Denmark for the EJC in 2003. I was taking painkillers and other drugs throughout, and didn't drink at all, but it remains one of my all time favourite juggling conventions.

peterbone - - Parent

Maybe because I only had one removed. I remember thinking that there would be a lot of pain when the anesthetic wore of, but there was very little. After a couple of days there was no pain at all. Having 4 removed at once must be horrible with regards to eating.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Indeed...I didn't eat much the day of or day after, and after that it was smoothies for each meal. Given how much I liked smoothies, I was surprised I got sick of them as quickly as I did.

In hindsight, day-of was such an amazing mix of sensations. The dentist recommended putting tea bags in the bleeding areas (all four). There I was, on painkillers, tasting extreme bitterness, exhausted. But then, restless from the caffeine, as I normally have little to no caffeine in a day (probably ~10 mg).

I think it's a shame I don't remember it clearly, as I like recalling times of extreme emotion or sensations to set benchmarks and appreciate how robust humans are.

7b_wizard - - Parent

You could ask your dentist, what the risks are in your case when doing serious sport.

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

The followup appointment is on Tuesday. I am going to wait for the doctor's permission before attempting toss juggling.

7b_wizard - - Parent

I'd ask about blood pressure, high pulse and fairly healed wounds breaking open by doing sports .. get him to talk about any risk their might be.
Maybe two phone calls (ask his help the question and get the answer from her later without contact with the dentist himself) will do for a clear "yes you can" or "No!" or "Must see on Tuesday first. Please wait.".

Cedric Lackpot -

Slacklining - easy peasy. Even a dog could do it.

peterbone - - Parent

84MB GIF. Please someone remove this!

Orinoco - - Parent


Lukedaviesss -

Anyone know what the most amount of catches in async is with 10 balls?

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Is it perhaps 23?

7b_wizard - - Parent

Not exactly the answer, but some 10b context is here with videos linked for catches done, claims and tricks (including yours, which you maybe not know of being linked there), that you can check.   Async ftn leads to a Garfield video (but only 17 catches if I counted right). Ferman does his 26 c in wimpy. Dan Wood 24 c synch ftn. Daniel Eaker's 22 c are synch ftn. Rumford and Gatto claimed 20 c without explicitly telling the pattern). Dietz claimed 28 c on synch.

7b_wizard - - Parent

[*videos linked "incl. yours" - not tricks, sry]

James Hennigan - - Parent

If Gatto got 20 catches it was probably in asynch. I've never seen him try any other pattern.

Lukedaviesss - - Parent

Is there video evidence of the 23 catches?:)

DavidCain - - Parent

Jason Garfield, 20 catches of async fountain -

7b_wizard - - Parent

Thx 4 fixing! [ I'm not even trained to count props above 7 :o) ]

Cedric Lackpot -

The Reverend Rolly Bain has died.

According to Martin Zippo Burton on Facebook, Rolly succumbed to a short battle with cancer.

I had the pleasure and privilege of studying with Rolly at Fool Time in '90-'91. To this atheist he was a fine advertisement for the clergy. I still remember him howling "YOU'RE ALL FUCKING CUNTS!!" at the rest of us, shrinking back from his good-natured comedy rage. It is very satisfying to encounter a cleric with a willingness to test the strength of faith and dogma with the fire of ridicule, and to come out of it cheerfully reconciled to the more obvious inconsistencies.

IIRC Rolly was for a time the vicar of the clown's church in Hackney, and I believe continued the dual roles of curate and clown for a good deal of his adult life. Even before his arrival at Fool Time he had been the subject of a tabloid kiss'n'tell about a stalker he collected in the 80s, in a story entitled "ROLLY'S UNHOLY FANCY", and as far as I know he continued to gather more salubrious coverage once he had left, about his quirky mix of circus and Christianity, in particular through the medium of his slack rope act.

I have not met Rolly for at least twenty years, and although it is a pity that he has died too young, I suspect that his life was well lived, fulfilling and rewarding for him and those around him. Requiescat in pace.

Little Paul - - Parent

I never met Rolly, but I do have a clear memory of him being on Songs of Praise some time in the 80s, while my mum was doing the ironing on a Sunday evening.

I can't find any clips from that, but I did find this on youtube

Dee -

For those of you who were not at #EJC2016 there was only one proposal for #EJC2019 suitable for being put forward for approval by jugglers at the General Assembly - do the big news is that the EJC is returning to the UK in 2019 after a trip to Lublin, Poland and the Azores in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Mini - - Parent


Where and by who Dee

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

An FB thread suggested Newark. No idea who the gibbering mentals​ kindly volunteer team is.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I believe the team is being led by Jane Randall?

She has two successful BJCs under her belt, which in my opinion were both superbly run.

A good stepping stone for the EJC I think.

I think the venue is Newark Show Ground.

Squibly - - Parent

I presume you are thinking of the two most recent excellent BJCs in Darton. I believe that Jane also co-ran BJC 2011 in Nottingham.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Jane "just shoot me if I ever contemplate running a BJC again" Randall? That Jane Randall?

She'll be ace.

mike.armstrong - - Parent

She's as good as her word...

Dee - - Parent

I can confirm that the proposed venue is currently Newark Showgrounds and the team is led by Jane Randall. The site was selected partially because of the accessibility of Newark-on-Trent to the East Coast Main line [which, if there are no strikes, means that it takes about 4 hours from Paris by train and 3 from Brussels]. The final 5 km from the train stations in Newark to the site is proving the most problematic; we are hoping that given three years notice, we can arrange some form of usable transport for the final leg of the trip.

This far in advance of #EJC2019 we are still assembling all of the expertise required and we are also in post #EJC2016 review mode of what worked and didn't from an organisational perspective in terms of the things that we can do anything about. No point in being overly critical of things that are either beyond our control or not applicable to our site.

charlieh - - Parent

Right, now to find all the clown cars in the UK for that final 5km....

Seriously though, congratulations to the bidders and let's plan for an amazing EJC in the U.K. - we have a large, active, experienced and multi-skilled community and between us I'm sure we can do wonders!

Dee - - Parent

Thanks Charlie...

We are currently collating a list of things that we liked / didn't really like that we can actively adopt / alter for our site. Also it includes bits that we liked that our site currently doesn't really allow us to do [such as walk to the supermarket] that we have to think of solutions to over the next few years. At the moment it's a bit of a post EJC brain dump, but it's best to get it while still fresh in the head.

You can add your contributions here in this google doc

unigamer -

I went to a workshop at BJC a few years ago were part of the warm-up was based on some technique that gets you to be aware of the position of all parts of your body (hands, feet etc) at all times. Is there a name for this technique or one particularly person well known for it? I'd like to read more about it, maybe also confirm I haven't created some false memory!

barnesy - - Parent

I'm not sure if you mean proprioception?

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

... and it's related concept, PNF, or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, which aims to increase the user's perception of their own body. I first learned about this in the context of Alexander Technique.

Little Paul - - Parent

The most likely suspect for that sort of warmup exercises are probably based on the Alexander Technique

Although I've run workshops based on before now, I can't remember if I did one at a BJC though, I was probably too busy not being able to stand up.

unigamer - - Parent

Thanks to both of you for the links and suggestions. Since I can't remember the name of what it was I don't know if those were exactly it. However, they are certainly very similar so I think it probably was and is enough to get me started.

Ben Clarke -

Another new juggler question:

I'm currently working on:
1) One ball contact juggling
2) multiball contact juggling
3) toss juggling balls
4) toss juggling clubs

I really have a long way with clubs and only dedicate 2 days of practice a week to them, about an hour each. I'm wondering if I'm biting off too much and I should just continue to get better at balls right now. I find that very challenging and harder than the contact juggling I'm doing.

So I guess my question is "Am I too spread out to progress?" and "When should one start exploring clubs?" and "Is it fine to NEVER pick up clubs or do you think it is good cross training for the other props?"


Little Paul - - Parent

Are you enjoying juggling clubs?

No? Then it's fine to stop!
Yes? Then why would you want to stop?

I think it's always a good idea to get at least a solid base with 3 clubs as a beginner - because club passing is one of the most enjoyable things you can do with other jugglers!

But if you're not having fun, and find something else more fun instead ... do the thing which is fun!

Ben Clarke - - Parent

I like the idea of being good at clubs, but I'm pretty frustrated, I find it very difficult. Maybe finding a juggling club would help

peterbone - - Parent

I suggest you try to learn it if you like the idea of it. Break it down. Learn 3 balls very solid first, at varying heights. Learn 1 club single spin with both hands. Practice low fast throws, high floaty throws and everything in-between. Hold the club near the top of the handle, not at the end. Then work on 2 throws with 2 clubs. Then do the same 2 throws starting with 3 clubs in the hands to learn the 2 clubs in one hand grip. Then progressively add extra throws.

Little Paul - - Parent

I think my concern would be that you said you devote two 1 hour sessions to clubs per week.

Structured practice can be good for many things, but if you're getting frustrated during that hour session you'll stop progressing. So if you find yourself getting worked up, take a break, have something to drink or a snack, switch to another skill - then come back to club juggling later in the session.

Based on what you've said recently about your skill level - I'd suggest you mix all the skills into a single practice session. Vary it and you'll keep your interest up, keep your interest up and you'll progress.

Play is just as important as practice!

Also yes. You absolutely should find a juggling club. Hanging out with other jugglers is hugely beneficial at all skill levels, but especially so for beginners :)

Ben Clarke - - Parent

Would you all say there are any 3 ball requirements before starting clubs? I have a long way to go with 3 balls but currently working on factory and backcrosses, I know mills mess, windmill, box, shower, and other basic patterns, I've started doing simple fountain with 4 balls.

Maria - - Parent

I couldn't do anything but a regular 3b cascade when I started with clubs.

In the beginning I always learned a trick with balls before learning the same trick with clubs, but not anymore. Now I juggle clubs much more than balls, so I am actually better at most tricks with clubs. My 4 clubs fountain is better than my 4 balls fountain (more solid and higher personal record).

I could ask almost the opposite of your clubs question: Should I keep practicing ball juggling too, or is it OK to only do clubs? I seriously consider to skip the 5 ball cascade and 4 ball siteswaps and just learn it with clubs... It seems like a waste of juggling time to do balls when I really just want to get better at club juggling. I mean, except when I don't have my clubs close or when I occasionally just feel like doing some ball juggling.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

> Would you all say there are any 3 ball requirements before starting clubs?

There are no hard and fast prerequisites. Whilst proficiency with balls is all but certain to be a considerable help, lack of ball juggling is not a barrier to club juggling.

Bend your knees and go for it.

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