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Juggling Haikus

Dear Edge,

As I was reading a book about Haikus, I wonder if we could do juggling Haikus. I'm not talking about poetry, but juggling sequences of a defined length, say 17 throws. I wish I was proficient enough with balls, rings or clubs to do that and give examples, but I'm not, so I'll let other people try it.

So, 17 throws, that's it, or 17 catches, that's up to us to decide. I'd love to have juggling haikus (or jaikus hehehe, I like that name) from Komei, Stefan, Wes, Guillaume, Eric, Viktor etc...

# by Olivier, 2014-09-05 10:30 BST

Nice idea.

It reminds me of that exercise Luke Wilson came up with which mixed flats/halves/singles in some pattern which didn't repeat for ages.

It's almost a shame 17 is prime, as that means you can't do something like "combine this 5 step pattern of throw types with this 3 beat juggling pattern and get something which lasts 15 throws before it repeats"

# by Little Paul, 2014-09-05 11:08 BST Parent

Catches, not throws.

But 17 catches in a row? Do people still do that these days? I thought it was all... Throw, catch, twiddle, collect, 'plex, slapback, collect, throw, shoulder roll, pirouette, plex, scissor ....sequences these days.

*Puts down the spoon.*

# by The Void, 2014-09-05 12:30 BST Parent

*Picks up the spoon.*

*Develops a thirty five minute piece for open stage with it, including monotone blank verse, nudity and/or underwear, and a single club hanging from a string which is never used.*

*Prepares angry rebuttal explaining why you're all philistines who don't understand art. In monotone blank verse.*

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-09-05 17:24 BST Parent

*picks up camcorder, circles you while you're performing filming the spoon in intimate detail*

*refuses to get a haircut*

# by Little Paul, 2014-09-05 21:35 BST Parent

I like this idea. I'm thinking of 5 of all one type of catch, but with variations within (eg. penguins, some under the leg, some neutral, etc.), switch to a different type of catch for 7, and so on. Or perhaps varying the throw.

I think I prefer the beats/syllables/characters being on catches, though, as otherwise your haiku will have finished at the 17th throw, and finishing with a ball in the air seems strange.

# by Mike Moore, 2014-09-05 12:50 BST Parent

contemporary thinking : the 17 catch could be a drop.

# by Olivier, 2014-09-06 19:43 BST Parent

I'll be using THAT idea in the future.

"No that was a catch! With the floor!"

# by emilyw, 2014-09-12 14:12 BST Parent

A good drop is as good as a catch !

# by Olivier, 2014-09-16 08:35 BST Parent

All my drops are excellent.

# by emilyw, 2014-09-16 10:56 BST Parent

and profesionnal I guess

# by Olivier, 2014-09-17 14:26 BST Parent

strictly amateur

(very amateur)

# by emilyw, 2014-09-17 14:42 BST Parent

No one can drop like Winston

# by Little Paul, 2014-09-17 18:12 BST Parent

mr jules joins juggling edge. Thanks Orinoco.
Hello everyone!

# by mr jules, 2014-09-04 21:16 BST

Hi Jules!

# by The Void, 2014-09-04 21:40 BST Parent

Welcome to the Edge, please make yourself at home!

# by Orinoco, 2014-09-04 22:30 BST Parent

Jules you bad penny, you keep turning up!

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-09-04 22:47 BST Parent

Bienvenue Mr Jules !

# by Olivier, 2014-09-05 10:23 BST Parent

Ahh! Mr Jules.

I was wondering the other day, do you still have the leopard suit?

# by Little Paul, 2014-09-05 11:03 BST Parent

ok audio geeks:

I have a WinXP machine with a Via AC'97 Audio Controller sound card hooked up to a Rotel RA-931 mk 2 amp & B&W speakers that is playing mp3s through iTunes all well & good. Unfortunately the XP machine is dying (after over 14 years of service *sniff*) so I've got a spangly new Win8.1 machine with a RealTek High Definition Audio card hooked up to the same amp & speakers that is playing the same mp3 files through WMP/VLC/XBox Music but the sound is tinny, crackly & generally crap. I haven't tried iTunes yet because it will take a month to download. What do I need to do?

(If it doesn't involve playing around with text files I'm crap with computers!)

# by Orinoco, 2014-08-25 20:24 BST

Check the physical layer first.

Have you plugged it into the right socket on the sound card? What happens if you plug a pair of headphones into the output you're using on the sound card?

Beyond that, I can't help you as if it doesn't involve running linux servers, I'm crap with computers (especially windows ones)

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-25 20:39 BST Parent

I'm no expert but I think you'll find you get a massively superior sound with that setup by bypassing the card altogether and instead using a DAC (with separate power supply). Beresford (TC-7520 or later models) are excellent and great value for money. JRiver Media Center might be worth looking at too (rather than iTunes).

# by pumpkineater23, 2014-08-25 23:46 BST Parent

Is your line out plugged into the lime green socket? See connectors here.

As LP says, try a pair of headphones - if you get a good, clear sound from them then you know the card is capable of good quality output. If you can't find a way to get a clear sound from it, then suspect a faulty card.

A tinny and crackly output sounds very much like a poor connection somewhere, or possibly the wrong line out so the amp is working too hard to process a feeble signal.

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-08-26 12:45 BST Parent

All hardware ok & correct port used. Fixed the problem by clicking on the volume control > Speaker properties > Enhancements then turning off special effects. Strange option.

# by Orinoco, 2014-08-27 12:44 BST Parent

What is the act called where you juggle 2 double cups and 1 ball in a cigar-box like manner? Does anyone have any examples of it?
I am thinking of trying to make a set of those cups...

# by Hapiel, 2014-08-13 14:38 BST

Guy Heathcote Ballsticks
Classic Japanese juggling style
An Edo-daikagura juggling trick/style.

One of the above.

# by The Void, 2014-08-13 16:10 BST Parent

If you are following the construction instructions in that second video, the bit with the kettle and the mug is very important and shouldn't be skipped

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-13 16:16 BST Parent


Beard make (made?) a spun aluminium version of this prop, but it's no longer on their site. There's a pic on , but they're sold out.

# by The Void, 2014-08-13 16:24 BST Parent

Thanks for the vids! What a pitty beard seems to have stopped producing them....

# by Hapiel, 2014-08-13 17:00 BST Parent

I don't think beard have actually made them since H was running the show, it's just taken them this long (15 years ish) to sell their stock... They were never a popular product! If you're lucky you might find a reseller who still has stock, but they may not have a pair - for some reason it seems a lot of people bought just one, not realising you need a pair for anything interesting.

I used to find the beard ones too big though, and taping two cups together gets you pretty close (you may want to drill through the cups and add a large nut/bolt for weight)

I've got a wooden set which were made for me by the lovely Duncan Hoyle, they're sized to fit my hands and a 4" stage ball. They're lovely props which I don't play with nearly enough. If you have access to someone with a lathe and would like some photos to use as references I can take some for you.

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-13 18:22 BST Parent

Yup, my plan was indeed to make one from 2 cups first and then if I enjoy it turn one on a lathe! I am glad I now know I should make tea first though ;)
I'd be curious to see what your wooden ones looks like!

# by Hapiel, 2014-08-14 00:02 BST Parent

I'm waiting for my camera battery to recharge, then I'll take a photo for you.

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-14 21:18 BST Parent

Beard had run out of ballsticks by Bristol last year. Butterfingers had one left (I bought it). Oddballs had none. I don't know of any retailers who do have them but could do with another spare. Of course for real enjoyment by all concerned ballsticks should be used with at least one audiball!
possibly the only person to combine audiball and ballsticks and not be lynched (yet).

# by It's Him, 2014-08-14 21:03 BST Parent

I assume that's only because no one has managed to get close enough to you without searing ear pain to lynch you

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-14 21:17 BST Parent

Do you perform mainly to deaf audiences?

# by Mïark, 2014-08-14 21:22 BST Parent

I don't know what an audiball is, but even though I have no first hand experience I positively prefer not being lynched.. I guess I'll avoid trying out your recommendation just to be on the safe side...

# by Hapiel, 2014-08-15 00:28 BST Parent

Does the Volcano Ball fit anywhere in this pantheon?

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-08-13 18:45 BST Parent
Super easy to make. Buy eight plastic cups at a store. Use vinyl / electrical tape to make them. Each "stick" uses four cups. I'm going to be writing an article about the art form for eJuggle.

David Cain

# by DavidCain, 2014-08-13 20:03 BST Parent

It looks a lot of fun! Are the basics as easy as they look?

# by Hapiel, 2014-08-14 00:03 BST Parent

Yes, pretty easy.

# by DavidCain, 2014-08-14 03:24 BST Parent

Sorry for taking so long, I'm not always the best organised person!

Anyway, Here's a photo of my wooden ball-sticks:

# by Little Paul, 2014-09-01 19:40 BST Parent

They look super fancy! Are they 3 seperate pieces?

# by Hapiel, 2014-09-02 02:06 BST Parent

If the two ballsticks and the ball were not separate, they would not be much use.

# by Pedant, 2014-09-02 04:04 BST Parent

Each one is a single piece of wood, the black lines are just decoration.

I like them a lot :)

I've got a wooden wine bottle that Duncan made for me at the same time. It weighs the same as an empty wine bottle and is actually hollow (not that you'd know if you look at it, the seam is very cleverly hidden!) - I'm finding it useful in my attempt to learn mouthstick stuff

# by Little Paul, 2014-09-02 05:48 BST Parent

Oh, and for scale that's a 4" babache stage ball

# by Little Paul, 2014-09-02 05:50 BST Parent

Good to see that they're holding up well and aren't too damaged from use.

# by duncanh, 2014-09-02 09:24 BST Parent

Knowing LP I don't think they will have seen a great deal of abuse!

# by Orinoco, 2014-09-02 12:36 BST Parent

They are holding up well. I've got a very minor chip on one of the edges of one ballstick, and a few dints and scratches - but they're not exactly in daily use (although they have been played with more than usual over the last 2 weeks)

I'm a bit paranoid about the bottle as while I'm confident it'll stand up to most drops, I do worry about it landing on the neck as if anything is going to kill it that would - and it's such a gorgeous piece of work, and so wondrously tactile I'd be proper gutted if I broke it.

So while I'm using the bottle daily at the moment, I am only doing so over soft surfaces and doing my best to catch with my hands first.

I'm sure it'll be fine, but I'm just so over protective of it :)

# by Little Paul, 2014-09-02 12:51 BST Parent

After saying how gorgeous it is, now you will have to post a picture of the wooden bottle.

# by Mïark, 2014-09-02 13:12 BST Parent

Sure... Please allow 28 days for delivery

# by Little Paul, 2014-09-02 13:31 BST Parent

If there are any particularly annoying dents you could try fixing (or at least decreasing)them by placing a wet tissue over them and placing a hot soldering iron on it (being careful not to touch the wood directly of course). The steam should swell the wood fibres but if can be a slow process, taking several applications.
Personally I'd probably be leaving any dents as they are as they add to the items history.

# by duncanh, 2014-09-02 15:28 BST Parent

Crawley festival brownies are in the oven.

That is all.


# by Orinoco, 2014-08-07 21:05 BST

Damnit! I knew there was something I was supposed to do tonight

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-07 22:36 BST Parent

Invent a way to send me brownies before they go stale?

# by mtb, 2014-08-09 20:56 BST Parent

My gig has just been cancelled as event completely rained off, and I'm wondering how many of those brownies are floating sadly around a certain soggy car park on a sodden Sunday morning. How bad is it?

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-08-10 09:57 BST Parent

Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of all the torrential rain hitting the roof of my van...

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-10 11:39 BST Parent

Just heard that #DabHands is to close down, after 26(?) years. Dwindling numbers for some time now, and the funds are running out. Last meet on Sep 30th. September meets are free, so pop in to say hello again, if you've not been for a while, and then goodbye.

# by The Void, 2014-08-06 19:08 BST


Can juggling clubs please stop closing down? Thanks.

# by Orinoco, 2014-08-07 13:02 BST Parent

I hope Juggling John's Juggling Jaunt is able to get to Dab Hands before it closes.

# by Mïark, 2014-08-07 22:21 BST Parent

I think the jaunt came to a premature end.

# by Orinoco, 2014-08-07 22:49 BST Parent

That's a shame, but not entirely unexpected.

I will certainly be there for the last one (and would be up for toasting it goodbye in the wellington after)

Do you know if Ian is still in touch with the chap who used to run it before he took it over? I think he moved to Weston-Super-Mare or something about 10 years ago. Would be nice if we could get him back for the last one, I'm kicking myself that I can't remember his name.

I can see his face, and hear his voice, but I just can't remember his name.

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-08 12:38 BST Parent


# by The Void, 2014-08-08 18:49 BST Parent

And or Stuart?

# by The Void, 2014-08-08 18:51 BST Parent

I think Doug is who I was thinking of, although I'd forgotten about stuart!

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-11 08:59 BST Parent

I can remember the middle aged fellow who looked like he might be a supporting role in a British sitcom, but I'm fucked if I can remember any names. His main job seemed to be making everyone stop for tea and biscuits, which he performed admirably. Tarim would be the correct oracle to answer this one I think.

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-08-08 19:17 BST Parent

Come on then Kev. Tell us about this:

# by Orinoco, 2014-08-04 13:06 BST

Ooh! Yes! Do tell :)

I know part of the story, but it's not mind to tell...

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-04 19:04 BST Parent

I have been lent this Ciquavalli cannon ball by Jon Anton who got it from his uncle Joe Marsh. Jon thinks Joe Marsh was given it by Cinquavalli but I think he died in 1918. I don't know when Joe Marsh was born, I am trying to find out.

Is anyone interested in me bringing it to Crawley?

# by Topper, 2014-08-04 19:11 BST Parent

You are going to give me a heart attack! A Cinquevalli prop exists! I've talked to Jon about my museum in the past and he never mentioned owning possibly the only existing prop of the first juggling star! I know a certain juggling museum that would really, really, really love to get a hold of that!
David Cain

# by DavidCain, 2014-08-04 19:34 BST Parent

Yes please!!! Book a workshop for it? I want to bask in it's glow in the hope that some of the latent talent stored in it will rub off on me...

How old do you think Joe looks in this (from 1959):

I'd have said possibly early 50s? Depending on how young he was when he met Cinquavalli it could be possible.

I don't have any biographical info about Joe Marsh (I'd love some if anyone finds any) so I don't even know if he was born into a performing family or what. All I know is about the golf trick, and that he used to write for Jugglers' Bulletin (the IJA publication)

He's on my list of jugglers to look up when I eventually get around to visiting the Bristol University Theater Collection archives (specifically the Mander & Mitchenson Collection, and the Kathleen Barker collection)

Oh, and if you're bringing things to Crawley, did you ever get that DVD of Jon's act?

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-04 21:10 BST Parent

Jon has put some of his acts on dvd but not all. He has had a bit of a health hiccup recently. He is very interested in getting them on line. I was working with him over the weekend so we had a chat about it.
Cannon ball will be at Crawley. It is not a normal cannon ball it was made for Cinquavalli.

# by Topper, 2014-08-05 10:41 BST Parent

Sorry to hear about the health hiccup (I hope he's on the mend!) I'm still very much interested in helping get that video online.

I'm super looking forward to Crawley now!

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-05 12:49 BST Parent

Good idea for the workshop. So while we are arguing over authenticity are we going to have a play with it? (Yes)

Tricks that I've read about:

Hand to hand roll across the chest.

An assistant threw the cannon ball to Cinquevalli who caught it on the edge of a plate.

Transfer from a mouth stick to a forehead stick.

Catching it on his neck from various reported heights ranging from 6ft above the stage (I assume they mean above his head) to 40ft.

Juggling 3 or 4 of: the cannon ball, a glass bottle, an egg, a billiard ball, a screwed up bit of paper in various combinations. Including a juggling the cannon ball, bottle & 'paper pellet' & finishing by catching the bottle in one hand, paper in his mouth the cannon ball on his neck.

Flicking the cannon ball up from between his heels to catch on a helmet.

Anything else?

# by Orinoco, 2014-08-05 13:05 BST Parent

Also worth mentioning that it is commonly reported as weighing 48lb. Which strikes me as quite heavy.

I've not read anything about anyone actually weighing it, but it was used to "smash a table to matchwood" before Cinquevalli caught it from a great height on his neck & reportedly made a very loud & solid sounding thud if it hit the stage.

# by Orinoco, 2014-08-05 13:09 BST Parent

No idea who it was but Moscow State Circus (I think) had a strongman juggling act ten or fifteen years ago, employing convincingly heavy props (not sure how heavy, but if it's >= "enough to kill" then that counts IMO) which he did all sorts of really quite sickening neck catches with, including from a height of several feet.

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-08-05 16:53 BST Parent

There are some nice videos here

Some of the props you can see aren't as heavy as the performer makes them look, but none of them look "light"

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-05 17:34 BST Parent

I know for sure that Oleg's are plenty heavy, having been his stage hand on ocassion.

# by The Void, 2014-08-05 18:59 BST Parent

I saw that show and Luke Burrage "volunteered" to be the mug who proved that they were heavy. They were.

# by Mike Armstrong, 2014-08-05 20:05 BST Parent

Topper, I think Joe Marsh was born in 1905.

# by DavidCain, 2014-08-05 00:02 BST Parent

I'd like to see it. Does it have documented proof of provenance? If it's an actual cannon-ball then there must be many identical. Sorry, I'm always the skeptic.

# by peterbone, 2014-08-05 09:56 BST Parent

Although I guess that most cannon balls were melted down for their metal.

# by peterbone, 2014-08-05 09:59 BST Parent

Topper, please email me sometime at I have some info about the cannon ball's possible history and some other things to talk to you about. Thanks.
David Cain

# by DavidCain, 2014-08-05 17:05 BST Parent

Where do I get white tape for re-taping my PX3 clubs?

Am re-applying tape to my set of PX3 Pirouettes, but I don't seem to be able to find the right kind. White electrical tape seems to split and crack really easily, whilst canvas tape seems to wrinkle too easily when I apply it.

Any advice? 

# by magicalmarkwatson, 2014-08-02 18:17 BST

The Play website appears to suggest they use Tesa Pvc tape

I would advise buying some Henrys Pirouettes.

# by Mïark, 2014-08-02 18:27 BST Parent

Thanks Miark, much appreciated! Though I won't turn this into a discussion on which juggling clubs to buy... :-)

# by magicalmarkwatson, 2014-08-02 18:35 BST Parent

I'd get some Renegade 85s if I were you.

# by ^Tom_, 2014-08-02 22:51 BST Parent

Nonsense. It's all about the Todd Smith satellites...

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-03 10:59 BST Parent

Facking amateurs. Beard Beach are too good for you losers.

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-08-03 13:28 BST Parent

pffffftt next you'll be touting the virtues of jugglebug clubs

# by Kelhoon, 2014-08-04 07:33 BST Parent

They're no passe passe modular system

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-05 20:31 BST Parent

Oddballs Jazz are the only thing worth having

# by Mike Armstrong, 2014-08-05 20:09 BST Parent

Electrical tape (aka insulation tape) comes in a wide spectrum of qualities Mark, and the cheap stuff at the pound store is liable to stretch, split, ruck, and ooze adhesive which then collects dirt like a magnet. Tesa, on the other hand, only make top notch tapes of all kinds so you might find their insulation tape to be rather more useful. It can be a bugger finding stockists in the UK though.

Whatever you use, make sure it goes down onto a clean surface otherwise you will make more problems for yourself.

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-08-03 13:33 BST Parent

You can pick up Tesa tape from RS Components (I buy quite a bit of miscellaneous stuff from RS for work & have found them to be a very reliable company).

# by Orinoco, 2014-08-03 13:44 BST Parent

The best insulation tape I've ever used has always come from RS, I hadn't ever realised it was Tesa - so yeah, I guess that's another vote for Tesa PVC insulation tape from me.

It really is a different beast to anything you can buy on the high street - and it comes in half-width which is handy.

# by Little Paul, 2014-08-03 13:48 BST Parent

Thanks Jay, very helpful! :-)

# by magicalmarkwatson, 2014-08-03 17:19 BST Parent

Some years ago, I decided to get some coloured electrical tape to decorate my clubs.
Something like 5 years later, all the clubs are still well taped.

I got it from here, as they were quite cheap but had a good choice of colours:

If you want tape to protect the ends, then I'd have thought cloth tape is better suited, although electrical tape can do a good job of keeping stuff in place.

# by ^Tom_, 2014-08-03 17:31 BST Parent

Michael Karas continues his vendetta against the letter 'C' with Konnectors.

I was expecting something that would connect rings together solidly enough to create new juggleable shapes but disappointingly just seems to be a way of turning your rings into a Lego set.

Me being me I just sliced up a margarine container, glued the bits together like so & found they did an adequate job.

I did get distracted by some pretty looking dice on the Shapeways website.

# by Orinoco, 2014-07-27 16:08 BST

What is it with people joining props together at the moment? We've had Wes taping clubs together, Luke burrage taping knives together, Michael karas joining rings together...

Who's next, and what are they going to glue together?

# by Little Paul, 2014-07-27 18:40 BST Parent

Donald Grant taping diabolos together? Aaron Sparks taping yoyos together? Maybe Void will tape some kendamas together for us?

# by Aidan, 2014-07-27 23:10 BST Parent

I taped rings together in 2008, would just like to throw that out there.

# by Norbi, 2014-07-28 05:49 BST Parent

So what you're saying is you were taping things together before it was cool?

Bloody hipster ;)

# by Little Paul, 2014-07-28 07:43 BST Parent

I've managed to steer clear of the moustache, but I am an avid instagrammer...

# by Norbi, 2014-07-29 20:16 BST Parent

Norbi. Sellotape. Bindun.

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-07-28 11:13 BST Parent

It might be quite cool to konnect two unicycles together - one wheel in front of the other. Balancing between the two wheels would make for an easier and more stable ride than having to balance on just one unicycle. Perhaps some kind of raised steering/hand resting device could be attached to the front.

# by pumpkineater23, 2014-07-29 01:50 BST Parent

If you could glue two jugglers together who would you choose?

# by Orinoco, 2014-07-29 12:31 BST Parent

Jason Garfield, and anyone named on this list

# by Little Paul, 2014-07-29 18:01 BST Parent

I think I'd like to glue you & Manu Laude together. You're welcome.

# by Orinoco, 2014-07-29 18:17 BST Parent

I'm not sure he'd be my first choice these days... I'd say who would but I wouldn't want to lower the tone quite that far...

# by Little Paul, 2014-07-29 18:21 BST Parent

I taped two diabolos back together for a show in 2007, I think. There are photos floating about somewhere (maybe on the front cover of the EJC 2007 DVD?) so it's not exactly new. Taping knives together the other week was entirely a Throw Joy rip-off though ;)

# by lukeburrage, 2014-07-31 17:46 BST Parent

Very not-clear, but that's me right in the middle with two red diabolos linked with white tape balanced on my elbow.

# by lukeburrage, 2014-07-31 17:49 BST Parent

Roll call: who's not at the EJC right now?

Let us unite in our miserable loneliness.


# by Orinoco, 2014-07-21 18:25 BST

I'm not at ejc, I'm tempted to nip out for a Guinness though in sympathy

# by Little Paul, 2014-07-21 20:46 BST Parent

I don't like this.
I don't need more reminders that I'm missing an EJC.

# by Marlon, 2014-07-21 20:47 BST Parent


# by Hapiel, 2014-07-21 22:17 BST Parent

I second this.

# by Sjors Stuurman, 2014-07-26 15:44 BST Parent

Closer than usual...but no cigar.

Made a video with all the free time, though.

# by Mike Moore, 2014-07-21 22:29 BST Parent

Here !

# by Kelhoon, 2014-07-22 07:58 BST Parent

Haven't made it to an EJC this century. 

# by It's Him, 2014-07-22 09:18 BST Parent

Couldn't get the time off work, so I'm just chilling here at home.

# by vazonun, 2014-07-22 10:09 BST Parent

I'm not at the EJC, I'm at home, having returned from a gig this morning that Circus Kevin couldn't do ... because he's at the EJC! Rah!

# by Cedric Lackpot, 2014-07-22 15:36 BST Parent

Not there.. but looking forward to The Green Man. Hopefully the weather will hold!

# by pumpkineater23, 2014-07-22 18:14 BST Parent

# by pumpkineater23, 2014-07-22 18:14 BST Parent

Ooh, I'm off to that. Kids and other extended family there too mind so I doubt I'm going to have much time to piss about by myself.

# by Al_Bee, 2014-07-22 20:41 BST Parent

I'm not. This is (mostly) because I have freelance gigs though so I can't complain too much.

# by emilyw, 2014-07-23 09:16 BST Parent

I'm not, 'cos I just got back.
You all should have seen the Legends show. It was awesome.

# by The Void, 2014-07-27 20:28 BST Parent

Did he do the Triangle?

# by Mike Armstrong, 2014-07-27 22:19 BST Parent

One side of it. It was all about Freddie though.

# by The Void, 2014-07-28 08:27 BST Parent

And Donald, shirley? ;o)

I was tempted to fly over just for that show, but sense prevailed...

# by Mike Armstrong, 2014-07-28 09:20 BST Parent

No it didn't.

# by The Void, 2014-07-28 09:25 BST Parent

I'm glad I'm not the only one who did that

# by Little Paul, 2014-07-28 11:00 BST Parent

oh yea, freddy rocked !

# by Olivier, 2014-07-31 20:10 BST Parent

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