Juggling events - USA‎ 1995

EventStart dateDaysCountry
1995 IJA Winter Juggling Festival1995-01-016USA‎
The 47th Annual Madfest1995-01-133USA‎
17th Annual Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival1995-02-033USA‎
11th Annual Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival1995-02-128USA‎
The 5th Annual Sweet Sixteen Juggling Festival1995-03-173USA‎
5th Annual EIU Juggling Extravaganza1995-03-243USA‎
5th Eastern Illinois University Annual Juggling Extravaganza1995-03-252USA‎
MIT Juggling Miniconvention1995-03-252USA‎
19th Annual Isla Vista Jugglers Festival1995-03-313USA‎
April Fools' Juggling Convention1995-03-313USA‎
The April Fools Juggling Convention1995-04-012USA‎
4th Annual Portland Juggling Festival1995-04-073USA‎
Univ @ Buffalo Juggling Convention1995-04-081USA‎
18th Annual RIT Spring Juggle-In1995-04-222USA‎
Third Annual Continental Congress of Jugglers1995-05-053USA‎
15th Annual Sir Isaac Newton Memorial Juggling Festival1995-05-193USA‎
2nd Up For Grabs Jugglefest1995-05-202USA‎
The 10th Annual Western Regional Footbag Championships1995-05-273USA‎
2nd Annual Unofficial UofChicago Juggling Picnic1995-05-291USA‎
San Dreguito Manipulation Society1995-06-023USA‎
Ulmer Unicycling Meeting1995-06-032USA‎
48th Annual IJA Festival1995-07-165USA‎
IJA Affiliate Post-Festival Campout1995-07-213USA‎
National Unicycle Convention (US)1995-07-274USA‎
Club J.J. Island Bash1995-08-191USA‎
Ferrara Buskers Festival1995-08-217USA‎
Catalina Island Jugglers Jam1995-08-253USA‎
7th Annual Hurrican Hugo Flying Objects Juggling Festival1995-09-223USA‎
Lodi Juggling Festival1995-10-063USA‎
Annual Last-Ever Bloomington Juggle Fest1995-11-112USA‎
The First Ever Second Annual Quad Cities Jugglefest1995-11-112USA‎

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