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JonPeat -

Chocfest 2015 - HLGCBS

Let’s get the old HLGCBS’s back up and running. This Saturday 31st January was Chocfest the 20th York Juggling Convention (UK). If you went to Chocfest then please include your own HLGCBS!

Going to the ‘Red Bus Café’ on the A64 with Jenni on the way to the convention for breakfast.
Trying a new manipulator passing pattern with Ed, Katie and Michael. We didn't quite manage it but I would love to try it again.
Playing three club gladiators.
Having a nice evening meal with Jenni, Magical Mark and Lewis and also being given a balloon by the waitress!
All the interval cake tasting.
Watching Belgian Martin practising with 3 clubs, he still has the best combinations.

Being too full to try every single cake in the intermission.

Arrive on time – Achieved 9:30 arrival so that is half an hour early, get in!
Run the combat tournament and it not be a disaster – Achieved
Do better than last year in the tournament – Failed. I was happy with how I performed during qualifications but in the actual tournament I didn’t play my best.
Learn a new trick – Sort of. Thank you Rosie for showing me a fresh new scissor catch combo, but I have not managed it yet.

Tiff compered the show and he was excellent. Really impressed with his gutsy on-stage ladder work too, he did some moves that I dare not try especially on stage. Very funny and entertaining.
Doris from Germany(hopefully I spelt her name correctly) did a fantastic unicycle routine in the evening show. Really hard moves, great stage presence, a couple of ‘oh my…’ moments and a great costume to boot!

People putting all their bags and props on top of our stuff at the side of the hall. There is always plenty of room for everyone but it still seems to happen at every convention.

The raffle was VERY entertaining.

Thank you to the Chocfest organisers for another great convention. I look forward to coming to the 21st Chocfest next year!

Cheers, Jon

The Void - - Parent

Hey John, HLGSCB is a feature on The Edge now. Time for some cut-and-pasting!

Norbi - - Parent

I see a couple of problems...
- Having them over there is great for archives, but gives no place for discussion and comments.
- There is a limited amount of characters (Jon wouldn't have even been able to fit all his highs into the 400 characters)
- No one ever actually looks at them. Personally I just go straight into Small Talk, although I might have a quick glance at the homepage, it's straight over to Small Talk for me. I never notice that anyone has posted a Hulagscab, and if I did then the first point would apply anyway.

The Void - - Parent

All true. Well, I look at ones from convs I went to. If I remember.
Hmmm, I wonder if there's scope for an Edge notification badge: [username] just posted their HLGCBS from an event you attended. ?

Orinoco - - Parent

I've been thinking about dropping the HLGCBS section for these very reasons. I originally thought recording HLGCBS in a structured way might prove useful to organisers because they could just look at all highs & lows/banes which would yield the things that people find important/problems that need solving but from the limited data we have I don't feel that this has been the case.

Or has HLGCBS had its day? It can be entertaining to try to sum up your experience in a specific style, I quite liked the Good the bad & the uggly when Crawley had a Wild West theme that could be repeated after this year's BJC. My personal favourite format though is of course, "extremely long & rambly".

Also #chocfest20, you're it.

The Void - - Parent

Whose it?

Orinoco - - Parent


The Void - - Parent

Hey, sneak! Now *my* grammar looks wrong. :-P

Little Paul - - Parent

My what big teeth she has!

peterbone - - Parent

How about just adding an option on the HLGCBS submission page to also post them on Small Talk?

Julius - - Parent

I think that's a good idea.
Also adding a checkbox on the Create New Thread page asking if youre doing a HLGBCS would be a good idea I think.

peterbone - - Parent

I'm not sure it would work the other way round because in the HLGBCS pages the sections are split into multiple fields. It would have to automatically detect which block of text goes in which field and there would be too many variants.

I'd like to see the HLGBCS section kept because it's easier to find a particular convention you may have gone to a long time ago.

Orinoco - - Parent

That's interesting. How exactly do you think it helps find conventions? By finding names of people who performed? Have you used the trivia system (which I think would be better) for this purpose?

peterbone - - Parent

I just mean that if I want to see the HLGBCS for a particular convention I've been to in the past I know I can easily find it and see the results all in one place. If they were in Small Talk they would be harder to find.

Mïark - - Parent

How about when you make a post in Small talk there could be a "This is a HLGBS post" checkbox (maybe a bit like the "Set this thread as a competition" checkbox (but above the text input box not below)). This would create a form with the five fields that would then render beautifully in in the Small talk thread it was posted in, but also be archived with the HLGBSs for the relevant event. (might need a link to explain what HLGBS is for the uninitiated).

I think it is better for an event's HLGBS posts to be in the same thread as sometimes there are responses to other peoples HLGBSs and it is easier to read them all together. It is also good when people can respond to part of a HLGBS with a normal non-HLGBS post.

It used to appear in the activity box on the front page when someone had created a HLGBS but now the site is busier this can quickly get pushed off by all the subsequent activity.

Maybe add to the Green Eggs Report "# HLGBS were posted this month"

On the Latest HLGBS it might be better if the name of the event being reviewed was bigger and at the top of the HLGBS. perhaps the link to the Latest HLGBS could have an indicator of how many new HLGBS you haven't read yet.

Orinoco - - Parent

Marvin already does report new HLGCBS' each month, which I think shows how little the feature is used.

My current favoured option is to post all the current HLGCBS reviews on Small talk (1 thread per festival) with the thread tagged with #HLGCBS & the event's tag. At the moment the HLGCBS system is effectively just another forum anyway with 6 input fields rather than one & no way to respond to people's posts. I don't think it offers any benefits over Small talk other than the layout. I used to think that the HLGCBS format was popular in its own right, but no longer think this is true. Not that anyone ever played the game correctly, you're only supposed to pick ONE high, ONE low...

Mïark - - Parent

Ah, I was thinking in the report not Marvin's Small talk post that there was a new Green Eggs report.

varkor - - Parent

I must say: I far prefer your (and some others') style of convention reviews over the HLGCBS format—I think trying to fit a summary of a convention into those discrete categories makes it feel too forced. I think simply having reviews as Small Talk posts works much better, and are far more enjoyable that way!

JonPeat - - Parent

I didn't even see that HLGCBS had a place on the home page, I just assumed that people had stopped posting their convention reviews...
I don't like them to be hidden away on the site and would prefer them to appear in Small Talk as that tends to be everyones first port of call and will hopefully encourage more people who attended the convention to write a quick review.

I am not too bothered about the format, although I used to very much enjoy reading everyones HLGCBS on r.j, and I very much enjoy reading your long rambling reviews Orin!

I intend to write a short HLGCBS (or mini convention review) for every convention I attend in 2015.
If nobody objects then I would like to post them in Small Talk on The Edge unless a better place comes into being. :-)

Open to suggestions...

The Void - - Parent

Hi Jon,
Sorry if I seemed to suggest that you had done something wrong. Of course you haven't. Indeed, I think it seems like we all agree that HLGCBSs in Small Talk makes sense, and for more conversation. I wrote the post to tell you about the feature, then I thought "No, that sounds like I'm telling him off, I won't post it". But then I thought, well, no-one's using the feature much, maybe this will start a conversation. Looks like it did. :-)

It's Him - - Parent

So all my HLGCBS have remained unread. Ah well.
I don't particularly like such a structured format and as a convention organiser I've found that if anyone has any real complaints I tend to hear about them fairly (often VERY) quickly.
I realise that I am replying to Jon but that my comments are in response to others as well. Do others read the thread as a gestalt before making replies or is that just me?

Orinoco - - Parent

I intend to write a short HLGCBS (or mini convention review) for every convention I attend in 2015.

Fantastic! More of this sort of thing! & yes your reviews in whatever format you see fit will be most welcome here.

Ooh, how about a tool that returns a list of 6 random feelings that you have to report on? Jubilation Embarrassment Sympathy Bore Intrigue Confusion anyone?

Orinoco - - Parent

Oh & to prove that someone read your review:

Regarding your low, if you know you are going to be eating a lot of sweet things then take some salt with you, when you start feeling too sick to eat any more dip your finger in some salt & suck it for a bit. The sickliness will soon pass & you can start again.

No, it's not good for you but it can greatly increase your capacity to eat chocolate!

Chris - - Parent

If only I knew this when judging the chocolate cake competition on Saturday...

Lorri - - Parent

I can also recommend copious amounts of tea (without sugar, regardless of whether you normally take sugar or not in your tea) when eating that much cake. And very small cubes of cake.

Mïark - - Parent

I think I heard someone recommending drinking tonic water to clear the palate when tasting chocolate (or it might have been gin - I wasn't paying attention).

Chris - - Parent

Tea worked last year. Pepsi Max failed me this year.

Lorri - - Parent

Pepsi Max tastes too sweet. You need the magic powers of tea.

York Jugglers - - Parent

Not sure how this #HLGCBS works, but will have a go.

Another amazing juggling convention with lots of lovely jugglers

The slushy weather first thing in the morning (though this wasn't really a good enough excuse for lack of external signing)

Another successful Chocfest, maybe with more workshops than usual

All the team, Alan for being in charge, Claire for putting together a show, all the show performers: (Mike Parker, Claire Stephens, Jake Smith, Doris Benda, Rob Woolley, Cai Lear, Josh Turner, Eddy Bacon and of course Matthew Tiffany for compèring), Em for teching the show, Jon for taking over Combat at short notice, Chris for running the games, everyone who ran a workshop, the cake judges, Ellie for making the passes, everyone who entered a chocolate cake and everyone who came.

The sound equipment fusing during the tech rehearsal

Thank you to everyone who came to Chocfest (and anyone we have forgotten to thank).


emilyw - - Parent

Who's this Em and why are we never in the same room at the same time?

Little Paul - - Parent

I think he's avoiding you...

Mïark - - Parent

Well why weren't you at Chocfest‽ Em was at Leeds Juggling Convention last year, so you probably have been in the same room at the same time as him.

emilyw - - Parent

I was too busy playing in piles of snow as always.

Am a little sad to discover that we aren't both called Emily. Well, unless we are.

Mïark - - Parent

Em is short for Emyr, I think, but you can ask him if he would like to be called Emily next time you are in the same room at the same time.


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