Please enjoy my 2015 Holiday Juggling Video.

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Stephen Meschke -

Please enjoy my 2015 Holiday Juggling Video.

This video was shot in one take, and includes several effects that I created using OpenCV in Python.

I am excited about these effects, which are quite easy to create using open source (free) software. If you are interested in using any of these effects, please tell me so that I can share the code.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Wonderful effects and instructive and a precious tool at the same time!
It's next level video analysis, a milestone: You made: "Stickman went real now!"

I might be overrating this just a little bit ("historic", "next level juggling science"), as there hasn't been too many reactions on this, maybe because OpenCV seems to provide for most functions from programmer's view and tracking isn't in itself a wholly new thing; and guess too few jugglers are into serious video analysis of their practise to care a lot going through installing the prog on their machine, but ..
You're the one who made this tracking available for jugglers by *doing*, not dreaming it.


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