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Many of you will know our friend Ali who runs the awesome Gravity Outlaws, who sell lots of juggling related gifts (mugs, clothing, pens etc.). She's not going to post this herself so I'm doing it because she's my mate running a small business (which is hard work) and deserves our support - and it was my idea anyway. So go buy Christmas presents for your juggling friends from her (or drop some heavy hints to your friends and family!). For you old-school UK types, my favourite item of hers is a mug with the backdrop image from the original Bristol conventions (it would have been in the top field, natch).

If this isn't an appropriate message then please feel free to moderate it - don't want to get anyone in trouble - oh and again, blame me, not Ali. But you should still go and buy Christmas presents from your local juggling retailer, because I said so :)

charlieh - - Parent

argh that's professional of me, forgot the link

Monte - - Parent

I've got two of those mugs already. They're awesome.


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