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Ana -

Hello! I am Ana from Romania and i ve just joined jugglingedge, even though i juggle since long time.

I started juggling 18 years ago, both learning and teaching. In 2018 i founded an NGO, Circus Fairies (facebook.com/circusfairies), which promotes contemporary circus as a new form of art and alternative education in Romania.
And this year we are organizing the first romanian circus convention and we are very excited about it! :D From 1-3 october in Cluj-Napoca.

In Romania contemporary circus is very little present and most of the people know only the traditional circus (with animals and shows mostly for children). And yet there are more and more people that start discovering this new sport, but mostly alone in their homes. Our aim is to create a national community, get to know each other and organize events together that will promote this new circus.
The convention wants to get the national community together, with activities aimed at them and at the same time, invite anyone interested to try different circus props and see the circus shows. Here is the fb event https://fb.me/e/1FtbLm538.

We would be suuuper happy if anyone from the international community would like to join us, so feel free to ask me more about the event if you feel like coming :D I ll also post it here on jugglingedge.

Have a great end of the week!

^Tom_ - - Parent

Hi Ana & welcome!


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