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thatguywhojuggles -

Hello! My name is Walter Beals. Jon asked me to introduce myself here. I've been juggling since 1993. For the past 10 years I've been performing with Forty Fingers & a Missing Tooth. Sadly Britt, after 10 years, has left for graduate school, so we are down 10 fingers. But the remaining 3 of us still perform. Since Britt had the missing tooth, I guess you can now call us Thirty Fingers and a Missing Missing Tooth!

We've been organizing a juggling festival every year for the last several years. This year is our 7th Annual Asheville Juggling Festival. The festival will be Sept 22-24th. More information can be found at:

This is the second juggling festival I've been part of founding. I was the sole founder of The Humboldt Juggling Festival, going into its 18th year, and I helped create the Asheville Juggling Festival with the other members of FF&MT.

I hope you can make it!

Orinoco - - Parent

Welcome to the Edge Walter & thanks for adding your event to the database. Seeing as you have apparently managed it twice, any secrets to successfully setting up a long running festival?

thatguywhojuggles - - Parent

I was a huge fan of the Lodi Juggling Festival back in its day. I would say both the festivals I've organized/helped organize were loosely modeled on that festival (minus the camping.)

I organized the 1st Humboldt Festival by myself, but after the first year, other jugglers pitched in and started helping out. By the 4th festival, it was a smooth running machine. I would say the success of that festival was that the school has a well established juggling club that is able to keep the festival going, and has lots of resources from the school including space.

The Asheville Juggling Festival is going smoothly because I work well with my fellow "fingers" and we have been together for over 10 years, so it was easy to keep doing it each year. We've been lucky so far having a space to do the festival, but after this year, we will have to find a new space. :(

EricS - - Parent

I love the Asheville fest, I've gone the last two years. I'm sorry to miss this year (I'm attending Flow Camp for the first time) but I will be back!

Maria - - Parent

Hi Walter! Nice to see you on the Edge. :)


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