Maria's practice log for 14th May 2017

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14th May 2017


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 95 minutes

Warm up

4 clubs:
Fountain, doubles
534534 and back to fountain, much better than last time

Siteswap 5 as doubles:
55500 with hand clap, Ok.
50505, better than last time
55550, not good

# 5 clubs, 15 minutes

Trying to do a flash. Failing.

# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 10 minutes

53133, trying to look down (at myself in the mirror) with the triple in the air, as practice for doing triples while passing.
531, again trying to look down.

4c sync fountain,doubles

# passing, 50 minutes

(With S)
psphpzphz, starting to not feel that difficult, though it is far from solid.
Odnom (9647772)

(With L)

(With S and L)
2-count / 4-count feed, first me feeding, then S walked but didn't really expect L to be able to feed... But after some 2-count practice she got some passes. Then I walked, it almost worked once, and then L tried walking, too, she got it once when taking down the clubs.

Total practice time: 170 minutes

Location: Södermalmsskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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