Stephen Meschke's practice log for 16th May 2017

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16th May 2017

Stephen Meschke

# 7 balls, 5 clubs, 65 minutes

Tried to get a 7 ball PR, failed @ 180ish. Some runs felt super solid though. Thinking about going back to russian style balls for endurance.

Did a 5 club drill where I started out by throwing one triple and then continuing in doubles. When doing this drill it is necessary to catch the first club before letting go of the fifth club.

# vision research, 1 minutes

Still working on data set. I did two new patterns; 645 and a 5 ball half shower:

When looking at the graph for the half shower* I found something very interseting. There is a point where four lines intersect. I didn't expect to see that. I postulate that all sync patterns have a quadruple point.

*Link to graph for half shower:

Total practice time: 66 minutes

Locations: Gym, Linux

Comments (2)
James Hennigan - I suspect that quadruple point appears during the exchange, where 2 balls go up together and 2 are coming down.
James Hennigan - But this cannot happen in a 3b sync pattern like the box or the shower. In fact I think that any pair of throws which contains a number less than 4 (0, 2 or 2x) will not result in a quadruple point.