Maria's practice log for 16th November 2017

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16th November 2017


# 3 clubs, 20 minutes

Warm up and some easy juggling while talking to K and M

# passing, 90 minutes

(With P)
6-count popcorn
Why Not with tricks (I did 3.5p 4.5p 3 1 3, P also did something with double passes)
pspss with tricks, mostly different early doubles
pps with tricks, mostly early doubles.
1-count with tricks, Brolly notation style (so, counting on your partner to not pass if they don't receive a pass)
7c 1-count doubles
7c 1-count doubles vs singles
5-count popcorn

(With P, M and K)
Two different walking patterns where we took turns feeding (only righthanded passing)

Total practice time: 110 minutes

Location: Eiraskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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