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3rd November 2017


# 3 balls, 4 balls, ball passing, 30 minutes

We only had 5 balls for two people today (only my balls) but we took turns at first and then juggled together.


Multiplex practise:
One throw [4,3] (I only had 2 balls)
3[4,3]032 (3 balls)
[4,3]20 was really easy
3[4,3]2 (I got 4 balls for a while, L just practised with 1), this was easy with balls, I have only tried it with clubs before. Got at least 17 multiplex throws, probably more on one round when I was not counting.

Walkaround (3 ball cascade but juggled by two people walking around each other), 8 beats, we didn't get it running but it will work with some practise.

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Gångvägen vid jobbet

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