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14th November 2017


# 5 ball tricks, #technique, #endupatt, #focus, #StagesOfLearning, 157 minutes

157' - 5b rev casc - 82 cl (14'), 75 cl, 105, 75, 82 cl, 83, 72 cl, 89 cl, 87, 108, 99, 79, 76 cl, \\, 79, 82, hadn't been using the full available width especially with weakhand upto here (resulting in rather narrow unstable patterns), 107, 104, 111, 77 cl throws longest runs. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 108 ]   #technique #endupatt #aiming #SoL - Got short phases with very relaxed low patterns, simply throwing over the pattern to the middle, or up to an outward aiming region in a slight inward angle, with some spacing to the rest of the pattern.   #focus #technique #endupatt - Then also sth queer once again: what was (often exaggerated) "wiggling" with the shoulderbelt in past practise units (to get over a bad start or bad phase), today was ( an impression of (?) .. ) actually aiming fromout the shoulder (especially for weakhand side), the shoulder helping, sort of either finetuning or else, providing for the blunt rough basic movement (to then be finetuned by forearm and wrist). But in any case, the shoulder taking part in or even actually doing the aiming (or thinking the aiming fromout the shoulder's movement, an awareness of it), if that makes sense and anyone can follow that impression (or maybe it's `mental´, however, it worked for a few runs).   Good practise, good yield, good feel .. gettin' there.

Total practice time: 157 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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