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12th January 2018


# 7 balls, 5 balls, 45 minutes

( gloves )
5b casc varied - 3 min.   Apart from usual high, turn slowly with wristy 7-high, and fast(est), have been doing like one to three attempts on  °79bd50500550°  °79bd50050550° in the past days, getting at most the first six throws (to ``ultimate´´ collapse).
7b casc - 42 min.   (31, 31, 35), 45, (35), 44, [took off gloves here], 37, (33), throws longest runs.         [ daily7b II: 45 ]
A few attempts on reverse triplexes in between yielded a 9 throws run which I never got before, but lost, I think: the last ball of the eighths throw, so 23 catches uglily, almost 27.

Total practice time: 45 minutes

Location: sports area´s parking area

Comments (7)
Stephen Meschke - Why are some of the numbers inside parentheses? Does that mean a run ends in a collect?
7b_wizard - Oh sry, .. no, in the beginning, often the results and-or the juggling are so bad that I can't be sure I'll even get my threshold for noting (currently should be 41 throws for 7b).
7b_wizard - Inside parentheses then means:   " below threshold, hoping for better runs still to come ".
7b_wizard - But in the entry above for example, I also read:   " I had to go over 31, 31, 35, before I got my first run over 41 ", so it took a while of either ``fighting´´ or else quarreling with finding into smooth runs.
7b_wizard - But, yeah, I could write less cryptic  :o}
7b_wizard - For the second " (35) " and " (33) ", .. I just kept these as an impression of what else I got that day with low yield and little to note. It's not always meant to be logically and statistically fully consistent.
Stephen Meschke - I see. Thanks!