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16th May 2017

Stephen Meschke

# 7 balls, 5 clubs, 65 minutes

Tried to get a 7 ball PR, failed @ 180ish. Some runs felt super solid though. Thinking about going back to russian style balls for endurance.

Did a 5 club drill where I started out by throwing one triple and then continuing in doubles. When doing this drill it is necessary to catch the first club before letting go of the fifth club.

Total practice time: 65 minutes

Location: Gym

Comments (2)
James Hennigan - I suspect that quadruple point appears during the exchange, where 2 balls go up together and 2 are coming down.
James Hennigan - But this cannot happen in a 3b sync pattern like the box or the shower. In fact I think that any pair of throws which contains a number less than 4 (0, 2 or 2x) will not result in a quadruple point.