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2nd March 2017


# table juggling, 15 minutes

About 2 hours, but I decided most of it doesn't quite count as juggling practice since there was very little throwing and catching. Probably good practice for keeping an even rhythm in asynchronous siteswaps though.

(With S)
Started with 4-beat patterns so we could count the rhythm together. Don't remember exactly...
2 2 1p 1 (easy and no table needed...)
2p 2p 2p 0, interesting when we both had to do a 2p at the same time.
3p 2 2 1p
3p 3p 0 1 2p 0
...and probably a couple I have forgotten.

(With S and T)
3.6p 1.6p 1 1
Don't remember if we did something else before that one.

Total practice time: 15 minutes

Location: Stockholm

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