7b_wizard's practice log for 13th September 2017

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13th September 2017


# 7 balls, #StagesOfLearning, #endupatt, 5 balls, 112 minutes

5b casc warmup - 5 min.   very high. low & fast. wristy 5-high.
7b casc - 107 min.   Fourtyseven Day .. got 47, 47, 43, 59, 47, 44, 59, 47, 45 throws longest runs.   A fight "tensed \\ untensed" against tensed shouldermuscles, against bad ratio, against inaccuracy, against doing too far ahead, against rowing too wide, that after a while I won by doing just a hearty bit higher (``than I thought´´; and at the same beat) right from launch, by walking back or forth at launch, by focussing on patterns' top better, trying to orient on it, by doing more speedy and by flapping wrists well (and luckily I felt ``speedy´´ too), and by can't remember.   Several runs felt smooth, comfortable and like going longer, but got slips or pattern became unstable.   One given run, I had the impression, I were controlling pattern's top from a distance, like when trying to put a fidgeting fish at the end of the fishing rod into a small bucket by the handle of the rod from that distance.   [ daily7b II: 59 ]   All I need is two consecutive long runs without the drop in between, you know.

Total practice time: 112 minutes

Location: uneven cobbles under bridge

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