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22nd October 2018

Stephen Meschke

7 balls, 1 minute

8040 in columns really makes sense.

8 8
8 8
8 8
8 8
8 4 8
8 4 8
8 4 8
8 8

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Gym

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7th October 2018

Stephen Meschke

7 balls, 1 minute

Training at gym again, ran 7b for 240+ catches.

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Gym

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16th August 2018

Stephen Meschke

vision research, 1 minute

How to find juggling balls: Look Up!

Sky detection is a solved problem in computer vision. Using a convex hull, the sky can easily and quickly be segmented from the rest of an image (seen in light blue). Once the sky is segmented, detecting the balls is a simple matter of finding the contours.

This robust method detects the balls extremely quickly, but does not work at all below the horizon, where the juggler interacts with the props. This method only detects the object, it does not track them.

The camera must be set so that it looks toward a bright sky (i.e. the setting sun is to the jugglers back). In this configuration, the balls are backlit. The video doesn't look great, but it is optimized for detecting the dark juggling balls against the bright sky.

This only works on a clear day, or a day with uniform haze.


Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Linux

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31st July 2018

Stephen Meschke

5-7 balls, 3-5 Clubs, 65 minutes

5 ball cascade - 100 catches X 3
Siteswaps (100 catches each):
753 (only 60 catches)
6 ball stuff
7 ball cascade:
7 ball cascade - 3 runs that are 100+ catches each
If I have time and energy:

Total practice time: 65 minutes

Location: park

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7th July 2018

Stephen Meschke

3-7 balls, 3-5 Clubs, 140 minutes

There was a "Bill of Rights Bash" happening in the park.

08: 00 Arrive and start training session. Another group of two individuals is setting up a pop-up canopy. I trained my normal 7 ball and 5 club training routine. I ran 7 balls for 240 catches (Outside PR) and 5 clubs for 160 catches. Good training session.

09: 00 I move on to training my routine. Several more people arrive. I notice that one of them is open carrying a pistol in a hip holster. The gun is being carried openly, and there is no attempt to conceal the weapon. Around this time I also noticed that one of the people setting up the event had a holster in between his shoulder blades.

10: 00 More people arrive, some are waving flags that are yellow. A black flag appears briefly. Roughly 50% of the people were openly carrying guns. One person had an AR-15, and the rest of the guns were pistols.

11: 00 More people arrived. I saw a gun that was tucked into the waistband of a pair of jeans.

Total practice time: 140 minutes

Location: Park

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5th July 2018

Stephen Meschke

5-7 balls, 3-5 Clubs, 85 minutes

This happened while I was training 753. I ran 753 for about 30 catches back into a cascade. A man with a walking stick was casually watching, and after I collected that nice run, we had this dialogue:

Man with stick: That's really good, can you do 7?

Me: Yeah, I'm still warming up though.

Man with stick: It's not a talent if you practice. It's only a talent if your born with it.

Me: I wasn't born with this skill.

Man with stick: The only thing I was born with was this cursed stick. It's name is Jojo.

Me: (Awkwardly) That's a nice stick.

Man with stick: I'm going this way.

Then the man with the walking stick passed between me and my bike and juggling gear. I had resumed juggling, and my back was turned as he walked within arm's reach of the semi-valuables (camera, sunglasses, and keys) in my backpack.

The walking stick was 52" tall and made from a soft wood (probably fir). It was carved so that it looked similar to a square broach tool. It was decorated with a wood-burning done with a blow torch, and had a white billiard ball size scull on top. The scull had a tuft of brown hair.

* The man was 70" and 195 lbs @ 28% bodyfat. He had 5" long curly light brown hair and light brown eyes. His speech was not slurred, nor did he appear to be on any drugs. His pupils were an appropriately dilated for the lighting conditions, but he appeared sleep deprived.

Total practice time: 85 minutes

Location: Park

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25th June 2018

Stephen Meschke

3-7 balls, 55 minutes

7 ball cascade training routine

5 ball cascade - 3 x 100c.
55514 - 100c
741 - 100c
1234567 - 100c
744 - 100c
753 - 60c
6b async to sync to async - Until it feels good.
7b - Today I ran 7b for 226 throws.

Total practice time: 55 minutes

Location: Park

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23rd June 2018

Stephen Meschke

5-7 balls, 5 clubs, 70 minutes

Training outside in the morning is better than the evening because there is less wind.

Total practice time: 70 minutes

Location: Outside!

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17th June 2018

Stephen Meschke

5 clubs, 100 minutes

Today was a good/not good training session. I usually train outside at a park near my house. This park is approximately 700 acres, and some parts are really nice, while other are used as homeless encampments. Usually I frequent the nicer parts, but today I went to another spot a half a mile away from the usual location.

This spot has great potential because of the perfect balance of shade and sun, and the trees completely blocked the wind. But the ground was littered with cigarette butts, there were thousands.

Even worse, I believe that I witnessed grooming. A 30+ y.o. male sat and talked with a 13 y.o. in a grassy area in a secluded part of the park.

This location is an island in the park. There is a 120 yard paved path that goes down the center of the oval shaped island. There is a gazebo on one end, and a totem pole on the other. I was juggling at the gazebo end, and the man and child were at the totem pole end.

I saw the child when I arrived at the park at around 6:30AM. The child appeared to be sleeping rough. In spite of the 90 degree forecast, and current 65 degree temperatures, the child was wearing a light coat and winter cap that extended over the ears. The child was wearing soiled black pants.

While I was on the island, and the child was one the mainland, the child watched me train 5 clubs for 100 catches to collect. I was standing in the full morning sun, and I'm certain that it looked magnificent. I was going to finish there, but I realized that I forgot to work on bxx. I moved to a shady spot along the path.

At this point, I am the only person on the island, and I have a clear view of the bridge. I could see everyone who came and left the island.

While I was training bxx the child walked behind me. As the child walked behind me, I acknowledged the child. The child was holding a mobile . And the child acknowledged me.

Several minutes later, I saw a man walk across the bridge. He was 5'8", 185lbs and had a body fat percentage of 35%. The graying stumble on his pasty face was 5/16" long. He was wearing a mesh back hat and aviator type sunglasses. His full zip hoodie was unzipped and his gray training pants were too baggy for running.

He awkwardly walked behind me while he looked at his is mobile. His body language made it apparent that he was about to do something that is wrong, and he was worried about the consequences of being caught. In contrast to the smile I saw on the face of the child, the man did not look happy to see me.

I was very uneasy about this. After a few minutes, I looked to see what they were doing. They were sitting on the grass and talking in a secluded part of the park. I decided that the best course of action was to continue training. I was going to train until they left to see if they were going to leave together, but I got tired and had to leave first.

It boggles my mind how a something like human trafficking can take place right next to a playground in an affluent neighborhood.

Total practice time: 100 minutes

Location: 46.135653,-122.951723

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13th June 2018

Stephen Meschke

5-7 balls, 60 minutes

Tried to film [88][44] for Juggling Mastery compilation video, bit it was cloudy and didn't turn out well.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Park

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