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 |~| author
.. acknowledgement long overdue for publishing well researched interesting articles and most interesting interviews, building ''community''.     Thanks Daniel and keep it up!
Awarded to Daniel Simu by 7b_wizard -

FFFFine Food Fellow
Fine Food Fellow.
Awarded to Monte by The Void -

Writer of many excellent convention reviews
Awarded to JonPeat by York Jugglers -

Turbo Fest Organiser
Awarded to Turbo 418 by Norbi -

Topwhizz kid
.. for lots of achievements within less than a year starting from scratch: getting into 7b tricks, learning new 7b tricks within a week for a video, gotten past flashing 9b, doing 5 clubs, and many many more. Congrats on your great talent, and happy juggling, Oscar!
Awarded to Oscar Lindberg by 7b_wizard -

.. for lifting juggling science to a new level by providing open source video analysis & prop tracking. Stickman is going real now. Pioneer's work. Historic. Precious! See:
Awarded to Stephen Meschke by 7b_wizard -

For creating
Awarded to loganstafman by Orinoco -

For passing 1000 posts on the Edge.
Awarded to The Void by Orinoco -

#club master
For being really good at juggling clubs!!!!!
Awarded to Ameron Rosvall by Ethan -

Award long overdue for sharing most precious historic videos (e.g. A. Gatto, S. Ignatov, Chris Kremo, amongst many more) from his private collection.
Awarded to bad1dobby by 7b_wizard -

Thanked the awarder of his award!
Awarded to 7b_wizard by Daniel Simu -

outstanding more than 12 hours practise in one single day.
Awarded to Ethan by 7b_wizard -

Topwhizz kid
for rumbling up the Hall Of Fame to the top within a week
Awarded to Ethan by 7b_wizard -

The GodEmperor helps automatically (without need to contact) ! ;o])
Awarded to Orinoco by 7b_wizard -

Clever use of HI thread and profile page to create a way to contact himself
Awarded to 7b_wizard by Daniel Simu -

For being my mate.
Awarded to Little Paul by Ewano -

JUMPon board
First to jump on board with the 2015 logging challenge
Awarded to Mike Moore by Daniel Simu -

For very generously donating towards the running costs of the Juggling Edge.
Awarded to razor_black by Orinoco -

:DCon data
Entered all of his convention data at request of the people at PassOut!
Awarded to menno by Daniel Simu -

Producer of The Catch: the juggling, new circus & street theatre magazine.
Awarded to Stuart Ashman by Orinoco -

Author of How to steal from your friends - an attempt to explain some takeout patterns (available to download from website).
Awarded to Aidan by Mïark -

Author of The New Highgate Collection - passing patterns for 2-4 people (available to download from website).
Awarded to Aidan by Mïark -

For tireless efforts at keeping the Edge event and club listings as comprehensive as possible and promoting events all over the web.
Awarded to Mïark by Orinoco -

For an extraordinary talent for finding things that aren't working on the Edge.
Awarded to Mïark by Orinoco -

Posse leader of the 28th British Juggling Convention in Barnsley, 2015
Awarded to rosiejane by Orinoco -

The main organiser of the 27th British Juggling Convention in Barnsley, 2014
Awarded to rosiejane by Orinoco -

Organiser of the European Juggling Convention in Lublin, 2012.
Awarded to Joanna by Mïark -

Organiser of the British Juggling Convention in Huddersfield, 2010.
Awarded to CamS by Orinoco -

Host of the Public Show at Camvention 2013
Awarded to eddiek by Orinoco -

Winner of the combat tournament at Camvention 2013.
Awarded to Juggledave by Orinoco -

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