Jongliertreff Darmstadt – Open Juggling & Flow Arts Meeting

Jongliertreff Darmstadt – Open Juggling & Flow Arts Meeting to its friends.

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This club has not been verified within the last 18 months and has been removed from the regular listings

During the summer (ca. May…September) Darmstadt’s jugglers meet every Thursday evening at Herrngarten near the Goethe monument. This meeting is entirely informal. Just be there, say hello, and join in, or start juggling on your own if you are the first to show up and wait for others to arrive. Everyone is welcome regardless of their favourite type of juggling and skill level. There is no organizer really, only a cabal of regulars. The meeting takes place whenever two or more jugglers show up at the designated time and place.

For training opportunities all year round check the TU Darmstadt juggling group listed separately.

As of spring 2022 it is uncertain whether this meeting will live on. Attendance has dropped considerably during the pandemic and the juggling group at TU Darmstadt – meeting every Tuesday evening at the gym – competes with it for the same audience. This is up to you all.


Goethedenkmal, Herrngarten, Darmstadt


This club closes for holidays. Please contact organisers before attending.

Every Thursday 19:00 to 22:00


free – just bring your own props

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