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New Zealand Juggling Convention

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Juggling events in New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎, 1994

There is another NZJA event coming up: Aotearoa New Zealand Juggling and Circus Festival 2021


Friday, 1994-03-25 to Sunday, 1994-03-27


Christchurch, NZ

This is a NZJA event.


The convention will open on Friday evening with a "Jugglers Jig". This will be a big street party to be held in Cashel Mall right in the centre of Christchurch in conjunction with the Canterbury Draught Wild And Wacky Festival.They are supplying an Irish band for the evening and there will be spot prizes and a chance to entertain the people of Christchurch.

The convention site will be held at the same site as last year, Hagley College, just outside the city centre.


Notable people attending the 2nd NZ juggling convention include:

*Tim Furst (of Flying Karamazov Brothers fame)

*Nick Nickolas ( Winner 1988 Street magician of the year, 1990 People's Choice Award at Ontario, Canada, and 1992 World Busking Competition in Wellington New Zealand.)

*Richie Rich (Very talented and successfull street performer based in Australia.)

*Haggis McCloud (juggling instructor for FOOLTIME in England) - will be passing through Christchurch just prior to the convention and will be holding workshops. - He MAY now be attending the convention if his travel plans allow him time. :-)

*Valataire -(Walter Laurence) - 'International equilibrist' - Has performed stunt work in Clint Eastwood westerns and James Bond's "Casino Royale" and has 35 years experience in the entertainment industry.

*Donald Grant, author of 3 diabolo books and one of the best diabolists in Europe is highly likely to attend.

*'Venus' - Maika Aerden - Very accomplished diabolist and performer hopes to attend the convention. - She is currently attempting to change her travel plans.

All have offered to donate time towards the convention in the way of performance workshops etc.

Workshops this year will include:

3 ball beginners/advanced, 4 and 5 balls, multiplex, club passing, devil stick, club skills, diabolo, fire workshop, performance workshop, balancing/ball spinning, unicycle skills + many others.

One workshop of particular note will be the *street performance workshop*. Nick Nicholas and Richie Rich will be working as a team to help pass on some of their knowledge of street performance. - Directly after the convention, workshop participants will be invited/encouraged to perform a street show at a publicised venue, and will evaluate and assess individual performances..

Again this year there will be a *Video Workshop* - Video and watch yourself juggling. Keep a copy of the tape! - _Very_ popular last year!

Events planned include: 'Club renegade' night, unicycle hockey, midnight combat + others.

The public show is guaranteed to be a great highlight of the weekend. If you wish to perform please send details of your act as soon as possible.

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