ZirkuLaer 2008 with Thomas Dietz

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Friday, 24 October 2008 to Sunday, 26 October 2008


D- 48366 Laer (near Münster/NRW)




A comfy, familiar but not to be sneezed at convention in the heart of the beautiful Münsterland region with a friendly service.
Motto: Juggling in place of washing up!
Nobody has to work,but only to juggle and to chill...
We invited the world champion and…Thomas Dietz is coming together with the world's fastest 3-ball juggler Falco Scheffler!
Please get a taste of their capabilities on You tube. Follow this links.
https://youtu.be/riqkA3HKHB8 (Falco)
https://youtu.be/KKQlaoD36pc (Thomas)
We fish for:
Friendly people, who like to meet like minded individuals or unicycling or fancy good food or practice gymnastics or chill or enjoy coffee and cake or in case of an emergency conjure or just juggle…

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