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Friday, 2012-06-29 to Sunday, 2012-07-01


Wien / Vienna



The 3 day intensive research laboratory led by Carlos Munoz focuses on movement analysis and the discovery of dynamics of body and object.
During the 5 hours of class every day the participants will explore relations between object and body, movement and manipulation and research creative forms of physical expression and object manipulation.
The labaratory aims towards a creative process that rather trusts the intelligence of (physical) instinct than the reflection generally preceding the creative act.
The objects used in the process are balls, clubs and rings, it therefore is advised to have at least an intermediate level in one of the disciplines and/ or experience in dance or physical theatre.

Carlos Munoz is a chilenian artist and object manipulator, who studied at the International School of Image and Gesture, La Mancha in Santiago, Chile and later graduated from the circus school Le Lido in Toulouse, France. His ambition is to develop a universal visual physical language. He is constantly experementing ways to fuse physical theater, dance and object manipulation.

The masterclass workshop will cost 100€ per person and will take place in Vienna and is open for a maximum of 15 participants.

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