Manchester Juggling Convention 14

(MJC14 to its friends)

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Saturday, 2012-10-27, 10:00 to 00:00


Chorlton Leisure Centre, Manchester Road, Chorlton, Manchester


This is a Manchester Juggling Convention event.


There was panic. There was excrement colliding with propellors. There were phone calls made from a soggy field near Bristol. And then there was a rearranged MJC.
Forget anything you may have heard about MJC moving to the Circus House, those rumours turned out to be untrue... Forget anything you may have thought about Manchester being before Durham, that's just so last (13) year(s)... Back in the same places as before (Chorlton Leisure Centre and St. Ninian's Church Hall), at the same times as before (10am-7pm for the leisure centre, 7pm until I decide it's my bedtime at St Ninian's), with all the same part-organised, part-trusted-to-luck stuff as has happened at MJCs before (well, except no murder mystery this year, promise!! ... and I probably CBA to get a quiz together).

We'll take some good games to St. Ninian's, bring yours too.

£6 like it has been from the very first one...

No workshops organised yet. Feel free to run one.
No show organised yet, feel free to perform in our renegade/open stage at St Ninian's (you could even be lovely and tell us you want to do so in advance. You'd probably get more beer for your troubles if you did).

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