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Monday, 7 July 2014 to Monday, 14 July 2014





The First EYCO FESTIVAL is an International Youth Circus Exchange hosted by Circus Tværs in Aarhus, Denmark, from 7th to 14th of July 2014.

The Festival will offer young artists from all over Europe a unique opportunity to express their passion and dedication to the circus arts. A wide range of skills will be on display from aerial to juggling, acrobatic, theatre, dance and performance.

200 European young circus artists (under 25 years of age) will meet, exchange skills and share their incredible creativity.

Participating countries will provide two Trainers who will deliver a wide range of workshops covering all areas of the circus arts. The young people will represent youth circus in their country by performing a show for the general public.

This is a fantastic opportunity to foster intercultural dialogue amongst young people and their Trainers and to learn from and about each other’s cultures through the common language of circus.

Tours of the local region and tickets to two professional circus shows will be included in the EYCO Festival Program.

This Festival is open to all the EYCO Members.

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