Berliner JonglierConvention 2017 (Berlin Juggling Convention)

(Berliner JonglierConvention 2017 to its friends)

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There is another Berlin Juggling Convention event coming up: BJC23


Thursday, 2017-09-14 to Sunday, 2017-09-17


Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin, Germany


This is a Berlin Juggling Convention event.

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Fight Night Combat Tournament


The Berlin Juggling Convention is back!

After a two years break we can finally get back onto our beloved festival site in Wuhlheide Park, featuring a little lake with a beach campsite, plenty of juggling space outdoors and indoors and a beautiful gala venue on site. Be prepared for a fight night, a volleyclub tournament, looong breakfast sessions, a great gala and of course many national and international guests.

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