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Bungay Balls Up 2022!

(BBU2022 to its friends)

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Friday, 2022-05-20 to Sunday, 2022-05-29


52.394577, 1.455141



This is a BBU event.

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We've checked the small print, and that means you *have* to come back if you've been before. And it's strongly recommended if you haven't.

Following any potential Covid restrictions, we hope to have all the usual splendidness: 24-hr big top, on-site catering, loos, showers, sauna, games-a-go-go, comfy chairs, croquet, a sky for throwing things up into, oodles of outdoor space, buttercups, the occasional passing wildlife, a great locale with loads of nearby attractions to visit. Show on the second Saturday, hopefully a return of Fight Night. And anything you care to add.

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