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Youngblood04 - Denis Paumier

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Saturday, 2004-11-06


The Riley Theatre, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds



Yorkshire Dance present Youngblood04, a contemporary performance festival from the 29 October to 5 December. We have all sorts of performers from all over the world coming to Leeds, one of whom is the renowned French Juggler Denis Paumier.

Denis was awarded the Jeunes Talents Cirque from the Theatre de la Cite Internationale, Paris, in 2002. He directs the performance company Les Objets Volants, and performs and teaches both in France and abroad.
His performance, Transparencies is an enthralling collection of short pieces that combines both traditional and experimental juggling techniques. Denis explores the properties of various transparent plastic objects, playing with sound, gravity, inertia and bounce.

Here is a review of Denis's previous work:

"There were several breathtaking moments in which the physical movement of the balls suggested that he had slowed down gravity - the dream of every juggler! The counterpoint of the props, and the colour and sparkle of the light caught by the clear objects made for a rich sensory experience".
Review of Paumier's Tournemains and Other Objects, Juggle Magazine, January/February 2004.

Denis is performing on the 6 November as part of a triple bill ( with an Belgium endurance artist and an Italian duet) at the Riley Theatre in the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Chapeltown, Leeds. The show starts at 7.30pm, and the box office number is 0113 219 3018. There may be an opportunity to meet Denis after the show.

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