Juggling events - USA‎ 1999

EventStart dateDaysCountry
IJA Winter Festival1999-01-055USA‎
47th Annual MadFest Juggling Festival1999-01-153USA‎
Tenth Annual MONDO Jugglefest1999-02-053USA‎
The Atlanta Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival1999-02-053USA‎
6th Annual Jugglefest1999-02-062USA‎
15th Hawaiian Juggling Convention1999-02-148USA‎
Grand Rapids Juggling Festival1999-02-202USA‎
Stevenson High School's "Toss-Up 3"1999-02-272USA‎
Juggle Fest ' 991999-03-053USA‎
Tejas Jugging Festival1999-03-123USA‎
Night (and Day) of the Jugglers #81999-03-271USA‎
23rd Isla Vista Juggling Festival1999-04-023USA‎
University of Illinois Juggling Fest1999-04-102USA‎
22nd Annual RIT Spring Juggle-In1999-04-163USA‎
Jugglefest '991999-04-163USA‎
Cascadia 991999-05-012USA‎
Congress of Juggers1999-05-073USA‎
The Whole Earth Festival1999-05-073USA‎
Seattle International Juggling Festival1999-05-213USA‎
Cap'n Rick's Wedding1999-06-191USA‎
Flatland Juggling Festival1999-06-253USA‎
The 13th Annual Catalina Island Juggler's Jam1999-07-093USA‎
52nd IJA Festival1999-07-275USA‎
St. Louis Jugglers Competition Day1999-08-141USA‎
Indiana State Fair Juggling Day 19991999-08-201USA‎
10th Annual Hurricane Hugo Juggling Festival1999-09-103USA‎
St. Louis Juggling Festival1999-09-103USA‎
Portland Juggling Festival1999-09-243USA‎
Midwest Juggle Fest 991999-09-251USA‎
11th Annual Lodi Juggling Festival1999-10-084USA‎
Cleveland Festival 1999 - SIRCUS1999-10-092USA‎
Philadelphia Juggling Festival1999-10-092USA‎
3rd Annual Big Red JuggleFest1999-10-302USA‎
The 2nd Annual Quad Cities Jugglefest #41999-11-053USA‎

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