Juggling events - United Kingdom‎ 2014

EventStart dateDaysCountry
London International Mime Festival2014-01-0924United Kingdom‎
Chocfest XIX - York's Juggling Convention2014-01-251United Kingdom‎
Ballring Circus Convention 20142014-02-081United Kingdom‎
Belfast Juggling Convention 20142014-02-143United Kingdom‎
6th National Youth Circus Event2014-02-213United Kingdom‎
Bath UpChuck 20142014-02-221United Kingdom‎
The Fridge by Hugo Maciel2014-03-281United Kingdom‎
Bucks Live Circus Convention2014-03-291United Kingdom‎
British Juggling Convention 20142014-04-117United Kingdom‎
Lestival! Leicester Circus Festival VII2014-05-031United Kingdom‎
British Kendama Open 20142014-05-041United Kingdom‎
Bungay Balls Up 152014-05-1710United Kingdom‎
British Acrobatics and Circus Festival 20142014-05-223United Kingdom‎
Acrobatic Camp Cornwall2014-05-294United Kingdom‎
Schoola Hoop Camp 20142014-06-063United Kingdom‎
Oxford Juggling & Crayfish Convention2014-06-141United Kingdom‎
Not World Juggling Day, UK2014-06-203United Kingdom‎
JuggLINCOLNvention 20142014-07-044United Kingdom‎
London International Youth Circus Festival2014-07-059United Kingdom‎
European Aerial Dance Festival2014-08-047United Kingdom‎
Play Festival 20142014-08-065United Kingdom‎
Crawley Circus Festival 20142014-08-083United Kingdom‎
Lincolnshire Aerial Performance Championships2014-08-301United Kingdom‎
Edinburgh Aerial & Acro Convention 20142014-09-053United Kingdom‎
Newbury kendama meetup2014-09-071United Kingdom‎
Broxford/Bristol - The Number 1 Juggling Convention - New Location2014-09-139United Kingdom‎
UK Aerial Championships2014-09-271United Kingdom‎
Durham Juggling and Circus Festival2014-10-103United Kingdom‎
Manchester Juggling Convention XVI2014-10-181United Kingdom‎
Camvention - Cambridge Juggling Convention 20142014-10-251United Kingdom‎
Passing Time2014-11-011United Kingdom‎
Romvention2014-11-081United Kingdom‎
Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 52014-11-151United Kingdom‎
Concrete Circus Youth Circus Festival2014-11-161United Kingdom‎
Leeds Juggling Convention 20142014-11-221United Kingdom‎
Greenwich Circus Festival 20142014-12-062United Kingdom‎

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