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The Hungarian Juggling Association is the platform in Hungary of independent circus artists. It is a collecting point of jugglers in Hungary. It gives an official background to all initiatives about juggling as a circus art, sport or hobby/ free time activity. In its projects, the members of the association use the creativity, joyfulness, and challenge of juggling while combining with a strong educational approach, in this way completing cultural, educative and civil missions.

The Hungarian Juggling Association evolves its activity both at national and international level. The Association's main 3 national missions are:

1. Run a website for the community

2. Maintain a wide range of juggling equipment available for its members. - Jugglers can rent and use this equipment for their teaching or leisure-time activities

3. Organise and coordinate the regular yearly juggling meeting in Hungary: the Hungarian Juggling Convention

Beside the main activities we motivate the national network of juggling clubs, organise juggling or circus events: jugglers' christmas, jugglers' mascar run a collective working on research of teaching methods run a collective of social circus doing research and sharing ideas in the topic of social circus, run an open facebook group to share information


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