Melvin Moon

Started juggling 2018-05-17

I juggle balls, clubs and scarfs (scarfs because I hate it and it's good to have a juggling object to hate on when it don't go so well with the tricks I am currently working on with clubs or balls).

I stated training circus back in 2005, mostly aerials and fire stuff. Learned how to juggle a 3 ball cascade and a couple of basic tricks the following year. I tried clubs 2010 but didn't like it. I started to teach circus to kids 2015, and then started to develop more juggling skills. In May 2018 I injured a foot in a circus show and that was so bad that I started to use a wheelchair in September. The summer 2018 I worked with kids circus summer school and in the spare time my work mate's started to teach me clubs passing. From autumn 2018 I started to juggle at least 4h/week (in a wheelchair). I started my Instagram project (wheelchair.juggling) half a year later. I practice something almost every day, but I go to the local juggling club 2-4 days a week.


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