Started juggling 1988-08-10

Simon first learnt to juggle at the age of ten and has now been juggling for around 24 years. Simon First learnt to juggle while he was a member of the local youth theatre company. The director of the show that he was in asked if any of the cast could do any circus skill such as juggling. There was no reply, but he singled out Simon and a friend and asked them to learn for the show. He gave them 4 weeks to learn and told them that for every throw and catch they did over 15 he would give them a pound per throw.

Simon took on the challenge and to his surprise had learnt to juggle two balls in just three days. On the fourth day Simon was juggling three. A week later he was able to juggle smoothly and was learning his first trick. Simon kept his new found skill under wraps and when the moment of truth came, Simon juggled in front of the whole company without a hitch.

The stunned director had to stop Simon when he got to around 150 throws and catches as he claimed he could not afford to pay any more than that. However, true to his work he gave Simon £150.00 which Simon used to buy his first set of juggling clubs and balls.

Simon has not looked back since.

As time has moved on Simon has always come back to the circus skills he learned as he was younger and tries to improve on the skills he has. Simon finds these skills a healthy way to keep fit. ‘It’s a great workout for mind and body.’

After some time Simon found more and more people who wanted to learn how to juggle or spin a plate. Some people wanted to do this as a party trick others for fitness and some who have had a genuine interest in learning a new and exciting skill. This lead to Simon beginning to teach others the basics and now is able to teach most people to juggle in about ten mins.

Together with Matthew, the pair have been able to teach hundreds of people this any many other new circus skills which has led to the formation of Amazing Circus Workshops. Now literally anyone no matter what the level of skill they start with, has the opportunity to try some of these amazing circus skills in a safe environment. With expert assistance from workers who care about making sure that the experience is fun.


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