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Event Dates Country
3ª Convenção Praiana de Malabarismo (3rd Praiana Juggling Convention) 17th-21st Apr 2015 Brazil (Brasil)‎
3rd Annual International College Circus Festival 22nd-25th Apr 2015 Mexico (México)‎
6º Convencion de Circo Paraguay 2015 22nd-26th Apr 2015 Paraguay‎
2015 UC Santa Cruz Juggling Convention (UCSCJC) 24th-26th Apr 2015 USA‎
8. FS-Con Feuerconvention 24th-26th Apr 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
IX Encuentro de Malabaristas y Artistas de Circo de Utebo (Zaragoza) 2015 24th-26th Apr 2015 Spain (España)‎
SpunOut 24th-27th Apr 2015 Australia‎
9ª Convention di Giocoleria della Brianza 29th Apr 2015 - 3rd May 2015 Italy (Italia)‎
The Spin Summit 2015 30th Apr 2015 - 3rd May 2015 USA‎
Configuvention 1st-3rd May 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Congress of Jugglers 2015 1st-3rd May 2015 USA‎
Convention d'Acrobatie Belfort 1st-3rd May 2015 France‎
Liverpool Fire Arts Festival - FAF 2015 1st May 2015 UK‎
Northeast Fire & Arts Festival 1st-4th May 2015 USA‎
British Kendama Open 2015 2nd-3rd May 2015 UK‎
Lestival! Leicester Circus Festival VIII 2nd May 2015 UK‎
Monkey See Monkey Do 5! - Vassar College's Annual Juggling and Fire Arts Convention 2nd-3rd May 2015 USA‎
Circusstad Festival 2015 6th-10th May 2015 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
3er Festival de Circo de Santa Fe 7th-10th May 2015 Argentina‎
9th Tini Tinou International Circus Festival 7th-9th May 2015 Cambodia‎
Circonea, 6to Encuentro de Circo del Nordeste Argentino 7th-10th May 2015 Argentina‎
Cirko Festivaali 7th-17th May 2015 Finland (Suomi)‎
IgNight SoCal Fire Flow Conference 7th-10th May 2015 USA‎
Mueca 2015 7th-10th May 2015 Spain (España)‎
eFLOWlution 8th-10th May 2015 USA‎
F.FL.ARTS 2.0 8th-11th May 2015 USA‎
Firecircles Berlin 8th-10th May 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Cumbria Juggling Convention! 9th May 2015 UK‎
Bibasse Convention 2015 13th-17th May 2015 France‎
HockHart Camp 2015 14th-17th May 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Kinetic Fire 2015 14th-17th May 2015 USA‎
Lublin Juggling Convention 14th-17th May 2015 Poland (Polska)‎
Nederlands Jongleer Festival (Dutch Juggling Convention) 14th-17th May 2015 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
5th Annual Sturtevant Camp Juggling Festival 15th-17th May 2015 USA‎
Bigoud'n'Jongle 2015 15th-17th May 2015 France‎
Bungay Balls Up 16 15th-25th May 2015 UK‎
Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival 2015 16th May 2015 USA‎
29e Nederlandse Acrobatiekfestival (29th Dutch Acrobatics Festival) 22nd-25th May 2015 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
5.CU'FUS - Circus street art festival in Samobor 22nd-24th May 2015 Croatia (Hrvatska)‎
Convention des Deux Mains 22nd-24th May 2015 France‎
En Maine Ta Jongle 22nd-24th May 2015 France‎
May Wildfire 22nd-25th May 2015 USA‎
Nordic Juggling Convention 2015 22nd-25th May 2015 Denmark (Danmark)‎
Schokon 2015 22nd-25th May 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Starverntion - The REJ strikes back - Die 4. Neusser Jonglierconvention. 23rd-25th May 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
第十屆 體健盃國際嘉年華 暨 第二屆亞洲盃扯鈴錦標賽 (10th PEH International Festival and 2nd Asia Diabolo Cup) 23rd-24th May 2015 Taiwan (台灣)‎
3º Convención de Circo y Artes de la Lleca 28th-31st May 2015 Peru (Perú)‎
FireDrums XIII 28th-31st May 2015 USA‎
Zirkonvention 28th-31st May 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
4ο Αθηναίων Φεστιβάλ Τσίρκου (4th Athens Circus Festival) 29th-31st May 2015 Greece (Ελλάδα)‎
Con-Tiki 29th-31st May 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Fahrenheit Fire & Flow Arts Festival 29th-31st May 2015 USA‎
Galway Juggling Convention 29th May 2015 - 1st Jun 2015 Ireland (Éire)‎
juggl.Ing Convention 2015 29th-31st May 2015 Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
Jonglierconvention in der Bachritterburg 30th-31st May 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Maccheconvention! 30th May 2015 - 2nd Jun 2015 Italy (Italia)‎
Oxford Crayfish Juggling Convention 2015 30th May 2015 UK‎
Brückler Frühsommer Jonglierconvention 4th-7th Jun 2015 Austria (Österreich)‎
Drop am See 4th-7th Jun 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
MYAU (Convención de Malabaristas de Albendiego) 4th-7th Jun 2015 Spain (España)‎
Spielpause der Gaukler 2 4th-7th Jun 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Camp Fire VII 5th-8th Jun 2015 USA‎
Flatland Juggling Festival 5th-7th Jun 2015 USA‎
Poi Story 5th-7th Jun 2015 USA‎
Irish Aerial Dance Fest 2015 6th-20th Jun 2015 Ireland (Éire)‎
Juggleboro 2015 6th-7th Jun 2015 USA‎
Žonglobalizace 2015 6th Jun 2015 Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
11th World Championships Wheel Gymnastics 8th-13th Jun 2015 Italy (Italia)‎
PlayThink Movement & Flow and Arts Festival 10th-14th Jun 2015 USA‎
Alle Mitmischen - Jonglage & Feuerspieler Festival 2015 11th-14th Jun 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Magyar Zsonglőrtalálkozó 2015 (13th Hungarian Juggling Convention) 11th-14th Jun 2015 Hungary (Magyarország)‎
Spokane's 2nd annual Circus Festival 11th-14th Jun 2015 USA‎
Spin Out Festival 12th-15th Jun 2015 Canada‎
Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival 2015 15th-21st Jun 2015 USA‎
Lakes of Fire 2015 17th-21st Jun 2015 USA‎
Boulder Juggling Festival 2015 19th-21st Jun 2015 USA‎
Eindhovens Juggling Convention 19th-21st Jun 2015 Netherlands (Nederland)‎
UK World Juggling Day 19th-21st Jun 2015 UK‎
Sardinia Circus Festival III° 20th Jun 2015 Italy (Italia)‎
World Juggling Day 2015 20th Jun 2015 The World‎
Second Russian Juggling Convention 21st-27th Jun 2015 Russia (Россия)‎
II Festival y Convencion de Circo el Globo Manizales 25th Jun 2015 - 1st Jul 2015 Colombia‎
MadSkillz Vancouver 2015 25th-28th Jun 2015 Canada‎
Southern Illinois Fire & Flow Retreat 2015 25th-28th Jun 2015 USA‎
Freiburger Jonglierfestival 26th-28th Jun 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Montréal Complètement Cirque 2015 2nd-12th Jul 2015 Canada‎
18e Jonglibre - 20 ans Saquagrin! 3rd-5th Jul 2015 France‎
JuggLINCOLNvention 2015 3rd-6th Jul 2015 UK‎
Aerial and Juggling Convention 4th Jul 2015 France‎
International Acrobatics Convention 2015 13th-19th Jul 2015 Finland (Suomi)‎
Eugene Juggling Convention 17th-19th Jul 2015 USA‎
Spin All The Things: The Toronto Flow Festival 2015 17th-19th Jul 2015 Canada‎
68th Annual IJA Juggling Festival 2015 20th-26th Jul 2015 Canada‎
Mosel-Jonglier-Festival 2015 23rd-26th Jul 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Convention française de jonglerie 2015 (French Juggling Convention 2015) 28th Jul 2015 - 2nd Aug 2015 France‎
Return to Roots Gathering 2015 30th Jul 2015 - 3rd Aug 2015 USA‎
Crawley Circus Festival 2015 31st Jul 2015 - 2nd Aug 2015 UK‎
In Flow Festival 31st Jul 2015 - 3rd Aug 2015 Canada‎
38th European Juggling Convention, Bruneck 1st-9th Aug 2015 Italy (Italia)‎
New England Flow Fest 6th-9th Aug 2015 USA‎
European Kendama Open plus Kendama Camp 9th-16th Aug 2015 UK‎
European Aerial Dance Festival 2015 10th-16th Aug 2015 UK‎
FDC 2015 - Finnish Diabolo Convention 14th-16th Aug 2015 Finland (Suomi)‎
Passe la Balle 2015 14th-16th Aug 2015 France‎
Jonglier- und Poi-Convention 20th-23rd Aug 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing 22nd-23rd Aug 2015 UK‎
Phoenix Fire Convention 27th-30th Aug 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Flaming Nights 2015 28th-30th Aug 2015 Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
Nights of Fire 2015 28th-31st Aug 2015 USA‎
Berlin Circus Festival 4th-13th Sep 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Broxford - The Number 1 Juggling Convention 12th-20th Sep 2015 UK‎
Pacific Fire Gathering 2015 17th-20th Sep 2015 USA‎
Kaiserliche Jonglierconvention zu Bad Ems 18th-20th Sep 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
1st Vietnamese Juggling Convention 20th-28th Sep 2015 Vietnam‎
Flow Camp 2015 24th-27th Sep 2015 USA‎
2.Croatian Hula Hoop Convention 25th-27th Sep 2015 Croatia (Hrvatska)‎
Mullum Circus Festival 25th-27th Sep 2015 Australia‎
Durham Juggling and Circus Festival 2nd-4th Oct 2015 UK‎
CircaLira 3rd Oct 2015 Spain (España)‎
Global Stilt Congress 2015 3rd-18th Oct 2015 USA‎
Japan Juggling Festival 2015 10th-12th Oct 2015 Japan (日本)‎
Flow Down Festival 2015 16th-18th Oct 2015 USA‎
Tohuwabohu - Das Festival für Jonglage und Akrobatik 16th-18th Oct 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Grassroots Juggling Festival 6th-8th Nov 2015 USA‎
WugCon - Weißenburger Jonglierconvention 6th-8th Nov 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 6 14th Nov 2015 UK‎
Leeds Juggling Convention 2015 21st Nov 2015 UK‎
Fight Night Combat European Masters 2015 5th Dec 2015 Germany (Deutschland)‎
British Juggling Convention 2016 30th Mar 2016 - 4th Apr 2016 UK‎
39th European Juggling Convention, Almere, Netherlands 30th Jul 2016 - 7th Aug 2016 Netherlands (Nederland)‎

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