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Orinoco -

Gandini youth workshops in London, Bristol & Manchester

(just in case anyone didn't get the memo)

Gandini Juggling invite you to participate in a free series of workshops.

If you are aged 14 to 23, can juggle three balls with ease while walking around, and do a few patterns, then these workshops are for you. We welcome new and advanced young jugglers to this series of workshops, where we'll focus on juggling with movement, rhythm, multi-handed and siteswaps. The sessions will be led by Jose Triguero and Owen Reynolds, two highly experienced Jugglers working with Gandini.

These workshops are part of a bigger project, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England We will be inviting a handful of those interested to have further training and join the company for a big juggling site-specific performance at Somerset House, London, on August 4th and 5th, 2018.

Follow the link below to apply via a short online form. We will endeavour to reply by mid-April. These workshops are free of charge, but we do request all participants to commit to the three dates at their chosen partner venue.

Community Partner Venues & workshop dates:

Albert & Friends, London - 20th, 27th May & 2nd June
Circus House, Manchester - 1st, 3rd & 10th June
Circomedia, Bristol - 16th, 30th June & 1st July

Apply online here

Useful links:
Printable flyer
Gandini official website
London Facebook Event
Manchester Facebook Event
Bristol Facebook Event

Mini -

i am on a roll for Void

assuming of course he isnt anti youtube

The Void - - Parent

I am pro-JTV. I'm aware of this video, but haven't yet found the combination of a spare hour and the inclination to watch it. But thanks.
Well, since this is now a kendama thread, here's a quick one that might be enjoyable with the sound on.

Little Paul - - Parent

I watched that a while back, from memory I think they made the shape/proportions of the thing all wrong (and Michael Stevens annoys the crap out of me for some inexplicable reason)

I did enjoy the machining side of things though, even if it isn't as precisely gorgeous as the videos on this channel

Does anyone else have any non-juggling youtube channels they're obsessed with?

bad1dobby - - Parent

If you like mechanisms (and who in their right mind doesn't?) Thang010146 is a channel I love to drop in on periodically. Mechanisms of all sorts, from the mundane to the esoteric, animated in Autodesk Inventor:

The Void - - Parent

I wouldn't go as far as "obsessed", but I like Objectivity, StandUpMaths, Tom Scott and Numberphile.

The Void - - Parent

Sorry, you appear to have posted a link from the Daily Fail.

Mini - - Parent

So is her explanation about apostrophes incorrect?

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Fucksakes Void, lighten up a little will ya? I know it's Das Fail but give 'em a little credit, they're still just about a proper Fleet Street paper even if you happen to be vehemently opposed to their ethos. For instance, who could possibly argue with this meaty, considered, in-depth reportage?

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Also, could I humbly request that the Daily Mail does not ever dare to preach grammar to its plebs when they CAN'T even understand WHAT capitalisation MEANS and seem to be of the OPINION that one's caps lock KEY will become SQUEAKY if not frequently exercised? They actually do it right there in the headline you probably didn't read!

david - - Parent

It's absolutely true

Sergei -

Just want to thank all who helped me with reverse cascade/ I was working on half-shower with very little success and suddenly felt I can toss from outside both hands relativey easy. Sent the video to Martin Frost and David Cain. Both confirmed it is reverse cascade. Pretty ugly to my humble opinion )) I guess I have all chances to meet my 90 years celebration with 5 ball cascade )) Please, accept my deep gratitude

bad1dobby - - Parent

Happy to help. Anyone learning to juggle at 67, especially with your level of enthusiasm, gets maximum respect from me!

Sergei -

sorry, how to attach video with juggling ?

Orinoco - - Parent

Just post the URL of the video is, if it's on JTV, Youtube or Vimeo the Edge will do the embedding for you for those that want it.

Ian F -


Just sayin'. Website and FB updates to follow.:)

Monte -

Otters juggle! Who knew?

Mïark - - Parent

wow! next you will be telling us that Asian Black Bears know how to staff twirl

7b_wizard - - Parent

°Gee° .. all the years of hours of daily practise this must have taken!?

Just a question of time now until they too invent computing and digitalize their world, then be first on mars, I say.

7b_wizard -

Juggling Thought of the Day (lol)

I think, mastering juggling might very much lie in being able to shift focus.
Also knowing - by reason or intuitively - what exactly and precisely to focus on in each millimoment,
without losing time having to spot anything a lot. [ #ThoughtOfTheDay ]

.. until its fully automized and happens unawarely \subconscious, I guess.
I had to ``shift focus´´ when merging two at first unconnected 1hd 2b juggles to a 4b fountain. When relating (continuous) reverse throws to last ball up on the other side keeping a secure distance (and without an obvious crossing point to orient on) and also merging those to a ``whole´´ pattern. When doing low throws under high throws when siteswapping.
As a beginner, you shift focus for example between catching and throwing.
As a master juggler (where even correcting throws are fully automized), I suppose, you shift focus only on or between anything apart from the ongoing pattern, like extra throws, an up-flash, a pirouette, transitions, changing to peripheral view looking the audience deep in the eye smiling, the timing of an asscatch, or so.

Just a thought on one aspect among others (e.g. having the technique, the skills) on my way to understanding how ``exactly´´ juggling works.

The Void -

Is Lestival happening this year? I heard it was, but it's not on .

LizzyPeat - - Parent

Yes, I have it down for the 5th of May...

Mïark - - Parent

Looking on the UK juggling conventions facebook page, I see Lestival have a facebook event

They also had some very good looking flyers at Chocfest

Maybe they don't know about Juggling Edge's event listings.

The Void - - Parent

Thanks Mïark & Lizzy. I did DuckDuckGo, but found no site for this year. At least I can share the fb thing if needed. Cheers.

BlueH -

Are you interested in hosting EJC 2020? Send an email expressing your interest and ideas to before the end of April! The EJA can give you all the knowledge and info you need to build your proposal for the the Annual General Meeting in the Azores this year.
You can follow the EJA on Twitter and on FB!

The Void - - Parent

--> @EuroJuggling
Have you got what it tales to host EJC 2020? We are currently taking proposals. Don't be shy! Contact to apply! We have all the information you need - and more!
— Euro Juggling (@EuroJuggling) March 9, 2018

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