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The Void -

I had a full day's clicking, chatting and coffeeing at #BathUpChuck2017 yesterday. Thanks to the organising crew. An excellent show too - well done to whoever booked it. Charles Brockbank was in great form with a high energy, yet cool club routine; two characterful duo acts; Tiff being his ace daft skillful self; and a triple helping of Rawlingses1 (two solos and a duo). All coralled into shape by Colin Powell, sorry, I mean Sam Veale, doing a classy funny job as compère.


Sorina Cojocaru -

hi all !
I'm Sorina from Romania. I currently juggle with poi, fans, hula hoop, staff , double staff and contact ball.
I'm a mid level and beginner level :D , there are so many toys and wanted them all, so i couldn't get best at one in particular( or more ) :D. But it's never too late for that ! ^^
really interested in juggling festivals and hope i'll catch one this year :) sadly i have to move to other country for job and not sure if i can make it , as i was saying ...never too late :D
Happy to meet you all ! ^_^

Orinoco - - Parent

Bună Sorina, welcome to the Edge.

Which country will you be moving to?

ISpinToys -

Awesome New Modular LED 100mm Juggling Spheres

Our Kickstarter goes on in a little less then 7 days and were looking for support from the community to bring this project to life after 3 years of development!

There is also a competition on our page for 1 of 2 juggling sets or Glowbs poi!

It's Him - - Parent

Do you have a video of this concept in action?

Personally I'm not seeing the potential or the potential market for this concept. Contact balls generally seem to work best when they are transparent (the coloured acrylics do not look as good - just look at what contact juggling performers use). Why would glowing balls be better?

100 mm is on the large size for normal juggling. Why would a performing juggler use these instead of any of the other glow juggling balls out there?

What are the benefits of these over other glow poi? There are already many designs of programmable poi, these are larger but less useful than pixel poi (by the look of the website). Why would a poi player choose these?

Please give clear answers to these questions to show why I should invest money in your concept. As someone who has performed all three skills professionally (albeit far from expertly with poi and contact juggling) if there were good reasons to use these I might be tempted to buy them.


Little Paul -

Kururin - seems to be growing in popularity in the USA at the moment, but I hadn't seen it:

Does anyone have a source for them in the U.K.? It seems like just the sort of thing I could get stuck into.

Alternatively, does anyone with a lathe fancy making some up before BJC? There's a template here

duncanh - - Parent

I'll try one next time I'm in the shed but I suspect that it might be better to CNC them to get a matching curve at each end.

unigamer - - Parent

I've been following the facebook group:

I was planning to bring a few to the BJC and maybe run a short workshop to let people try. I think a European distributor is being sorted out for the Comcell Kururins is being sorted out.

My Kururin shape designer:

Me making one:

mtb - had this as a featured video the other day:

It is pretty amazing. LP, how gaffed do you think his golf club trick is? I remember you saying that yours is reasonably honest. His looks a little too good.

Little Paul - - Parent

I'm pretty sure it's on the more "secure" end of the gaff scale.

Mine is gaffed the minimum required to make the trick possible, but it's not really practical for 3-performances-a-day if I were pro I'd go down the more secure route.

Incidentally, for me the most impressive bit of the routine is the setup and the flute.

bad1dobby - - Parent

The flute because...? I've never thought the flute particularly adds to the difficulty, because it only requires movement of the fingers, whereas the violin under the mouthstick-bow seems more in danger of upsetting the balance. On the other hand I've never done the golf club balance, although I did play the flute in my school years.

Stephen -

Remember guys - pre-registraton for BJC 2017 ends in a weeks time (midnight 28/02/2017)! Get your tickets now. :)

Maria - - Parent

I'll get a ticket as soon as I have booked my flight tickets so I know I'll actually get there... Just need to take a little time to look at my travel options, and decide if I'm going home after BJC or straight to the Swedish Juggling Convention. :)

The Void - - Parent

Will there be a rep at Upchuck to take cash registrations?

Stephen - - Parent

Void - I'll be there and taking cash registrations! I'll come see you during the event.

The Void - - Parent


The Void -

This is old, but just as funny today as it was then. "Jason Garfield's worst nightmare"

Little Paul - - Parent

I'd forgotten what a gem {1,1}{0,2} is in the middle of that.

Also, the first segment needs a reminder if this by way of a cultural reference:

Blimey, was that really over a decade ago?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Haha, yeah I love that video, I only found it a couple years ago and was so happily surprised this existed!

Tom Derrick - - Parent

Thanks for resurrecting this video! I remembered the notation section of it a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't find it.

lukeburrage -

A tropical juggling convention in Germany


pumpkineater23 -

This popped up up today. Very cool I thought..

lukeburrage - - Parent

I saw his show a few years ago. It's really cool live too. He recently performed at the Cirque Du Demain, but in the non-TV broadcast show.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

I'm used to seeing juggling balls bouncing, balancing etc but floating is not something I've seen before. I'd be interested to see more!

mtb - - Parent

Yeah. I would love to see more of the act. Looks great.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

it is really cool! have seen it twice now, definitely one of my favorite performers already!

Cedric Lackpot -

French rural stiltwalkers of Landes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

A nice wee article found at the superlative Everlasting Blort. Reminiscent of the Kentish hop-pickers who also used stilts for practical non-entertainment purposes. But not plasterers because they use pretend stilts, the filthy cheats.

John R - - Parent

I'm sure I've seen some of those photos before. Possibly in a book by Graham Robb, The Discovery of France? Nice to see these though, thanks!

Monte - - Parent

They were featured on QI several years ago.

Monte - - Parent

A little bit of research counters the articles assertion that stilts were a medieval invention. There is evidence that they were used in ancient Greece including a storage jar from 525-550BC depicting stilt walkers.
There is also a Chinese legend, possibly going back even further...

"There is a folk legend about the origin of stilt walking. A foreign ambassador of the Spring and Autumn Period (722–481 BC), Yan Ying, visited his neighboring kingdom. Because of being short, Yan Ying was often laughed at by the officials of that kingdom. So he tied two stilts on his feet to make himself taller than normal people. By walking with the stilts, he spoke sarcastically to the people who had been laughing at him. After that, the tradition of stilt walking spread to the citizens, and people began to make it into a dance to celebrate big events and festivals."

There is another popular legend that fishermen in coastal villages used this technique to catch fish with sharp sticks.

So up to 2000 years earlier than the article suggests.....

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