Juggling events 2011

EventStart dateDaysCountry
Danish Juggling Convention 20112011-01-073Denmark‎
Turbo Fest2011-01-073Canada‎
47th Annual MadFest Juggling Festival 20112011-01-143United States‎
Jeu(x) de Piste à l'Espace Catastrophe, c'est reparti pour un Tour (de Piste) !2011-01-1769Belgium‎
Sydney Juggling Convention2011-01-225Australia‎
Tropical Islands Invasion IV2011-01-246Germany‎
Diabolocamp #5 Göttingen2011-01-283Germany‎
CHOCFEST - York's Juggling Convention2011-01-291United Kingdom‎
Damento Fest 20112011-02-043United States‎
Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival2011-02-043United States‎
9. Havixbecker Sciention 20112011-02-111Germany‎
Ballring Convention 20112011-02-121United Kingdom‎
Volleyclubturnier im Rahmen der 9. Havixbecker Sciention !2011-02-121Germany‎
The 19th New Zealand Juggling Convention2011-02-174New Zealand‎
Victoria Juggling Festival2011-02-183Canada‎
Winter Juggling Convention (Winter Jongleer Weekend)2011-02-183Netherlands‎
Jugglefest XVIII2011-02-253United States‎
Bath UpChuck 20112011-02-261United Kingdom‎
Jugando con números: taller/grupo de trabajo sobre malabares y matemáticas2011-03-0413Spain‎
Juggle This!2011-03-052United States‎
Professional Residential Clown Course2011-03-0628Spain‎
Dresdner Jonglierfestival2011-03-113Germany‎
Juggle Mania Starring Peter Panic and The Airborne Comedians2011-03-111United States‎
Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival2011-03-113United States‎
19th Annual UW Juggling Festival2011-03-122Canada‎
Humboldt Juggling Festival2011-03-174United States‎
Dublin Circus Convention2011-03-253Ireland‎
11. Bremer Jonglierconvention2011-04-013Germany‎
34th RIT Spring Juggle-In2011-04-013United States‎
MONDO JuggleFest XXII2011-04-013United States‎
Delftse Jongleerdag 20112011-04-031Netherlands‎
April Fools Juggling Festival2011-04-083United States‎
Festival "Rencontre des Jonglages"2011-04-083France‎
Tucson Juggling Festival2011-04-083United States‎
British Juggling Convention 20112011-04-157United Kingdom‎
18th Israeli Juggling Convention (IJC)2011-04-205Israel‎
Drübber Gauklertreffen2011-04-216Germany‎
Swedish Juggling Convention 20112011-04-214Sweden‎
GMTW-German Muni und Trial Wochenende2011-04-224Germany‎
Isla Vista Jugglers Festival2011-04-223United States‎
Little Apple Juggling Fest -- the epilogue2011-04-223United States‎
Monkey See, Monkey Do! (Vassar College Barefoot Monkeys)2011-04-223United States‎
5° Convention di Giocoleria della Brianza2011-04-285Italy‎
1. Giessener lange Jongliernacht 20112011-04-292Germany‎
2nd METU Juggling Convention2011-04-293Turkey‎
European Yo-Yo Meeting 20112011-04-293Spain‎
MarteLive 2011 sezione Circo2011-05-0335Italy‎
Congress of Jugglers 20112011-05-063United States‎
Santa Cruz Juggling Festival2011-05-063United States‎
Lestival IV - the 4th Leicester Circus Festival2011-05-071United Kingdom‎
2011 Flatland Juggling Festival2011-05-133United States‎
Festival de Cirque de Montreal2011-05-133Canada‎
2011 Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival2011-05-141United States‎
4e Journée de la Jongle Toulousaine2011-05-141France‎
Juggling Convention Freiburg im Breisgau2011-05-203Germany‎
Mikulov jugglers contest - Mikulovské Kejklířské Klání2011-05-203Czech Republic‎
Cancelled ** CANCELLED ** 2011 Sonoma County May Madness JuggleFest2011-05-211United States‎
Bungay Balls Up 20112011-05-2110United Kingdom‎
The Royal Roundtower Uniracer Rally2011-05-211Denmark‎
The Juggling Launch Pad2011-05-233United Kingdom‎
Shoebox Tour2011-05-261United Kingdom‎
19ème rencontre des Fous D'la Jongle2011-05-272France‎
Alberg.Circus 52011-05-273Portugal‎
Jay & Wes Juggling Workshop/ Shoebox Tour2011-05-281United Kingdom‎
Moab Arts Festival2011-05-282United States‎
Professional Residential Clown Course2011-05-2928Spain‎
Boudu La Jongle2011-05-316France‎
Barullo, International Circus Movement2011-06-015Mexico‎
Juggling Home :-)2011-06-011Germany‎
Cancelled *** CANCELLED *** Eksjö Juggling Convention *** CANCELLED ***2011-06-025Sweden‎
Dutch Juggling Convention2011-06-024Netherlands‎
Thomas Dietz Workshop 20112011-06-024Germany‎
Circalira 22011-06-041Spain‎
Jugglefest2011-06-041United States‎
OJC3 - Oxford Juggling Convention2011-06-041United Kingdom‎
Poi Art, Poi & Juggling Meeting2011-06-041Turkey‎
Donald Grant "Get your Act together"2011-06-064United Kingdom‎
Nordic Juggling Convention 20112011-06-094Finland‎
Peter Davison's Up in the Air2011-06-0910United States‎
Southern Lights Festival2011-06-094United Kingdom‎
Schokon 2 - (Rostock Convention)2011-06-104Germany‎
2nd Annual Junction Jugglefest2011-06-122United States‎
Pentimento - Le Lac Des Cygnes2011-06-1430France‎
Stage Craft Workshop with Brad Weston2011-06-143United States‎
Boulder Juggling Festival 20112011-06-173United States‎
Spin Out2011-06-173Canada‎
Juggling Day on world Juggling day (Žonglerski Dan)2011-06-181Slovenia‎
VIII Intríngulis2011-06-181Spain‎
World Juggling Day (Apathy) UK2011-06-184United Kingdom‎
Berlin Juggling Convention | Berliner Jonglier Convention2011-06-234Germany‎
2nd Annual MadSkillz Vancouver 2011 Flow,Juggle, Spin,,,2011-06-243Canada‎
SummerFlame - Festival of fire and moving arts2011-07-014Serbia‎
V Street Art Festival Ulicznicy: Juggling Days2011-07-013Poland‎
WJF 72011-07-056United States‎
"Passing Fancy" Juggling Convention2011-07-084Australia‎
25ème Festival Suisse de Jonglerie à Genève.2011-07-083Switzerland‎
French Juggling Convention at Bigoud'N Jongle2011-07-108France‎
I.Badalona's Volleyclub Championship2011-07-101Spain‎
Glückscon, die 6. Göttinger Jonglierconvention2011-07-153Germany‎
Wieserhoisl Offroad Juggling Convention2011-07-153Austria‎
Christian Jugglers Association Convention2011-07-161United States‎
2011 IJA Juggling Festival2011-07-187United States‎
13ème convention de jonglerie de Carvin2011-07-205France‎
The 11th Bestcoast festival2011-07-225Norway‎
Play Festival 20112011-07-275United Kingdom‎
Carnaval Sztukmistrzów2011-07-284Poland‎
Professional Residential Clown Course2011-08-0128Spain‎
34th European Juggling Convention, Munich, Germany2011-08-069Germany‎
Crawley Circus Festival 20112011-08-062United Kingdom‎
Flow Feast UK - 20112011-08-132United Kingdom‎
1st Pinzgau Juggling Convention2011-08-184Austria‎
3. Organic Dragon Juggling Convention2011-08-193Germany‎
10th International Juggling-Theatre Workshop ALEJE 20112011-08-207Czech Republic‎
PaTTeRns in SPace - juggling in motion2011-08-227Italy‎
V Street Art Festival Ulicznicy: Fire and Drums contest2011-08-263Poland‎
Juggling with Finesse Workshop with Kit Summers2011-08-272United States‎
Hannover Con - Brot und Spiele2011-09-023Germany‎
Hurricane Hugo Juggling Festival2011-09-022United States‎
Not Yet A Juggling Convention2011-09-031Belgium‎
PLOPP! Pyramidal Juggling Festival 20112011-09-084Germany‎
FDC 2011 - Finnish Diabolo Convention2011-09-093Finland‎
ACROS 'A Gogo' sur Surfaces élastiques Tous niveaux & Travail par atelier2011-09-171Belgium‎
Bristol The Number 1 Juggling Convention2011-09-179United Kingdom‎
Pentimento - Le Lac Des Cygnes2011-09-172France‎
The Magic Touch2011-09-181Belgium‎
II encuentro malabares y circo matavenero2011-09-215Spain‎
Burning Bizarre Convention2011-09-233Germany‎
Jonkoping Juggling Convention2011-09-233Sweden‎
Kansas City Juggling Fesitval2011-09-233United States‎
Melbourne Juggling Convention 20112011-09-234Australia‎
MALABAD 2011, IV Badalona Juggling Convention2011-09-303Spain‎
Portland Juggling Festival2011-09-303United States‎
Philly Fest 20112011-10-012United States‎
Tight-wire Masterclass with Bernie Bennett2011-10-012United Kingdom‎
6. Turkish Juggling Festival2011-10-037Turkey‎
Märchenhafte Jonglierconvention, 11. Pälzer Jongliertreffen2011-10-064Germany‎
Smokey Mountain Juggling Festival2011-10-073United States‎
VII "Malabaria" Juggling Convention2011-10-073Spain‎
Japan Juggling Festival 2011 in Tokyo2011-10-083Japan‎
Manchester Juggling Convention XIII2011-10-081United Kingdom‎
5-3-1 Festival of New Juggling2011-10-143Finland‎
15th Durham Juggling Convention2011-10-152United Kingdom‎
Donald Grant "Get your Act together" Masterclass2011-10-184United Kingdom‎
St. Louis Jugglefest2011-10-213United States‎
German Wheel Workshop2011-10-222United Kingdom‎
XIII Convención Chilena de Circo y Arte Callejero.2011-10-274Chile‎
ZirkuLaer Nº7 - The Chill-Convention2011-10-283Germany‎
British Kendama Association Southern Regional Championships2011-10-301United Kingdom‎
13ª Convenção Brasileira de Malabarismo e Circo2011-11-025Brazil‎
Convencion Argentina de Circo, Payasos y Espactulos Callejeros2011-11-025Argentina‎
25th Brussels Juggling Convention2011-11-043Belgium‎
Not Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival 42011-11-042United States‎
CIRCULATION - Circus, Arts and Music Festival2011-11-115New Zealand‎
juggling convention Nürnberg2011-11-113Germany‎
MKJC2 - Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 22011-11-121United Kingdom‎
Next meeting of the UK Youth Circus Network2011-11-121United Kingdom‎
Allgäuer Artistik Convention2011-11-183Germany‎
Neusser Jongliernacht2011-11-192Germany‎
Schärding Juggling Convention2011-11-253Austria‎
Circus Futures - Contemporary Circus National Showcases and Conference.2011-11-302United Kingdom‎
Leeds Juggling Convention2011-12-031United Kingdom‎
Hamburg Juggling Night2011-12-101Germany‎
Passout 92011-12-279Germany‎

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