European Juggling Convention 2023 - Ireland

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European Juggling Convention 2023 - Ireland

In case anyone missed the announcement yesterday:

After bringing the Irish European Juggling Convention forward by a year when the French EJC team were unable to host EJC 2023, the Irish EJC team have been searching for the best venue in Ireland.

Next year’s European Juggling Convention will take place in Gormanston, Co. Meath, Ireland 29 July - 6 August.

Right on the border of Meath and Dublin, it is 40km north of Dublin:

Check out Gormanson Park if you would like to see more about the site:

We will have more information soon! We thank all the jugglers and circus enthusiasts for their patience leading up to this.

If you would like to volunteer and help out you can find out more information here:

The Void - - Parent

EJC this year now in doubt, apparently:


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