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Mark Tsai - - Parent

Thank you for sharing~

Mïark - - Parent

Hi Marvin,

Have you considered collating the hashtags used in a month on the forum and showing them in your monthly roundup?

#idea #hashtag

I appreciate it might be a little self-referential with GreenEggsReport hashtag included

Marvin - - Parent

Another trivial administrative task that will barely require a fraction of my computing power? It beats cleaning Jon's keyboard I suppose.


Orinoco - - Parent

I still need you to clean my keyboard Marvin.

Mïark - - Parent

Wow! That's great, Marvin, you are the best thing since sliced-strawberries!

Why does Jon's keyboard need so much cleaning? Has he been doing dirty things on the computer again?


Marvin - - Parent

Yes, his code is very messy.


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