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Marie-Line Doyon -

Hi everyone ! My friend recommended I joined this awesome community, and share the event I've been working on for the past months <3
My name is Marie, and I run a small non-profit organisation aiming to promote the love of circus, as well as sharing skills and knowledge as a community!

We are throwing our 2nd edition of TriFlow Fest, a circus and flow arts festival that takes place June 16-18 in the province of Quebec, in St-Fortunat (South of the province, pretty close from the US border).
Our 1st edition took place in 2018, and was absolutely AWESOME. We can't wait to throw this event again in just a few weeks.

TriFlow Fest is an outdoor/camping festival of 3 days. There will be a total of 80 workshops offered during the weekend (of which 11 are focused on juggling and club passing), as well as music in the evening until 2AM, fire circles, and an open stage show on Saturday. Its a bilingual festival (bonjour!), all levels of skills and all circus disciplines welcome <3 Our schedule will be coming out pretty soon on our Facebook event and website.

Let me know if you have any question, Ill be happy to chat and connect!
Enjoy the weekend miawmiawmiaw


Mïark - - Parent

Hi Marie,

Welcome to Juggling Edge, TriFlow sounds great, is it going to be every five years?

Here is a link to help people find more details:



Marie-Line Doyon - - Parent

Hi Mïark, thank you! No not every 5 years hopefully :) We were supposed to only take a one year break before doing our 2nd edition, but then the pandemic happened and regulations were pretty rigid around here, so that took an unexpected turn. We're pretty stoked to be able to gather again this year :) Hopefully we can make it happen every year, or once every two years, we aren't 100% set on the frequence yet!

Orinoco - - Parent

Hi Marie, welcome to the Edge & thank you for adding your event to the database. 17 days to go to your event, as the organiser how are your stress levels right now?!


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