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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 ball (6x,2x)(2x,2x)(4x,2x)306 catches CameronFord2014-09-16
3 ball in one hand while lying down10 catches CameronFord2014-09-20
3 ball 531 while lying down30 catches CameronFord2016-07-29
3 ball 6261606060601242424242424270 catches CameronFord2014-09-21
3 ball cascade with a head bounce100 catches CameronFord2018-08-13
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head100 catches CameronFord2016-03-22
3 ball cascade while lying down310 catches CameronFord2014-08-31
3 ball Mills Mess clawed300 catches CameronFord2014-08-16
4 ball 5551400 catches CameronFord2014-09-16
4 ball 55550330 catches CameronFord2014-09-03
4 ball fountain with a head bounce93 catches CameronFord2024-04-06
4 ball fountain penguin catches31 catches CameronFord2019-06-14
4 ball synchronous fountain with a head bounce60 catches CameronFord2019-06-18
4 ball wimpy340 catches CameronFord2014-09-21
5 ball (6x,4)*100 catches CameronFord2014-12-24
5 ball (6x,4)* while lying down10 catches CameronFord2014-12-20
5 ball 64530 catches CameronFord2015-01-09
5 ball 6855120 catches CameronFord2016-06-25
5 ball 6864120 catches CameronFord2016-06-25
5 ball 74430 catches CameronFord2015-01-09
5 ball cascade500 catches CameronFord2015-05-17
5 ball cascade blind5 catches CameronFord2022-09-07
5 ball cascade with a head bounce45 catches CameronFord2024-04-18
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head154 catches CameronFord2023-12-23
5 ball cascade while lying down20 catches CameronFord2016-05-15
5 ball cascade penguin catches5 catches CameronFord2019-01-05
5 ball half shower100 catches CameronFord2014-12-21
5 ball Mills Mess60 catches CameronFord2018-04-25
6 ball fountain208 catches CameronFord2018-01-16
6 ball fountain while lying down8 catches CameronFord2014-09-03
6 ball half shower125 catches CameronFord2018-01-16
6 ball synchronous fountain108 catches CameronFord2016-08-06
7 ball [52]50 catches CameronFord2016-08-31
7 ball cascade101 catches CameronFord2018-08-12
3 club Alberts4 catches CameronFord2014-08-15
3 club back crosses81 catches CameronFord2015-05-16
3 club back crosses singles105 catches CameronFord2015-05-27
3 club cascade with a head bounce50 catches CameronFord2018-07-17
5 club (6x,4)*10 catches CameronFord2014-12-01
5 club cascade600 catches CameronFord2019-01-31
5 club cascade with a club balanced on the head10 catches CameronFord2018-10-07
5 club cascade triples102 catches CameronFord2018-05-25
6 club fountain14 catches CameronFord2018-10-04
6 club half shower8 catches CameronFord2017-10-27
3 ring cascade with a head bounce240 catches CameronFord2024-02-26
3 ring cascade with a ring balanced on the head100 catches CameronFord2017-09-23
5 ring cascade100 catches CameronFord2015-06-01
6 ring fountain24 catches CameronFord2017-08-10
6 ring synchronous fountain122 catches CameronFord2023-12-06
7 ring cascade30 catches CameronFord2023-02-19
5 ball shower31 catches CameronFord2015-07-04
1 ball head bounce200 bounces CameronFord2015-08-04
3 ring cascade blind224 catches CameronFord2022-09-07
5 ring cascade blind5 catches CameronFord2022-09-10
5 hoop cascade100 catches CameronFord2023-01-01

CameronFord is part of the following teams

Adrian G, Anne, CameronFord, Doreen, Heydar, Kathi
Anne, CameronFord, Heydar
Anne, CameronFord, Heydar, JonPeat
Anne, CameronFord, Heydar, PipJim
Brook Roberts, CameronFord
Brook Roberts, CameronFord, Heydar
CameronFord, Heydar
CameronFord, Heydar, PipJim